Spartan Running Training Plan | Day 21: Active Recovery

Spartan Running Training Plan | Day 21: Active Recovery
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Welcome to Day 21 of the Spartan Running Training Plan.

It takes 21 days to make a habit, Spartan. Today is Day 21. You’re officially a runner. But you’re not your best running self just yet. Spend today visualizing next week’s PR run. Use your breath to mentally prepare. Today’s meditation is will be the most useful rest day of this running training program. Just breathe.

Running Training Plan Workout: Day 21

The Workout

  • To begin, find a quiet location where you can sit or lay in stillness.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Just breathe. You do not need to control your breathing. Allow your body to fall into each breath naturally.
  • Stay mindful to how your body is moving with each breath. As you inhale, what is happening through your chest? Your shoulders? Your belly? What about with your exhale? Keep your mind on your breath for a minute or two.
  • Now that you’ve observed your breathing, think about your PR race morning. What are your techniques to preparing the body? Run through your warm ups. Recite your personal mantras.
  • Next, visualize your race start. How does your body feel when you cross that starting line? What pace will you start out at? When do you sink into your stride?
  • As you are pushing yourself along the route, slowly build up your speed. Have you hit your projected 5k pace? How much do you need to push to get to that point? Can you push yourself any more? With each stride, notice the strength in your legs. Use your arms to drive forward and to increase your power and speed.
  • You’re coming close to that finish line. Think about kicking your speed up another level. You’ve reached this speed. Your body is familiar with it. Can you sprint any faster? Your PR is so close. What more do you need to do to reach that level?
  • Once you visualize that finish line, notice how you feel. Allow the pride and the confidence overtake you with each breath. You did it.
  • Finish off your practice today with a few more rounds of mindful breathing. Has your body movement or your breath changed from the beginning? Notice the relaxed state of your body. Is there any particular area that is feeling more at ease or more comfortable now at rest?

If you are new to meditation, you only need to spend between 3-5 minutes in stillness today to see the benefits. Finish out your day and take note of your body’s awareness. Continuing the practice of meditation will help to relieve stress and to improve your body’s overall performance. Start with practicing one time a week. As you become more comfortable at ease, you may find yourself wanting to meditate multiple times a week, for longer sessions.

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