The Spartan Fit App Workout of the Week: Sprint to the Finish

The Spartan Fit App Workout of the Week: Sprint to the Finish
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Test your race preparation with this short six-exercise circuit. This workout is a part of our Race Simulation series within the Spartan Fit app. We have dozens more just like this one. Each is designed to get you back into the racing mindset while giving you a workout that is more than you bargained for.

The Workout

It’s time to test your anaerobic & muscular endurance. This is a quick, rep-based workout that can be done anywhere at any time. Your objective is to finish this workout as quickly as you can while maintaining quality form.

The high-knee sprint is a great recovery period for your upper body: it will surely need it after the lateral crawl with push-up. Take advantage of this “rest” by slowing down the reps so you can hit the squat thrust and crawl with vigor and speed. You can space your reps out for each exercise but aim for minimal to zero rest periods.

Time to get after it!

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The Setup

No equipment necessary, just YOU and a ready-to-rock attitude!

The Strength Circuit

Perform six exercises for two rounds20 minutes in total.

Squat Thrust: 

The squat thrust is the immediate regression of the burpee. It takes out the push-up and jumping motion. This exercise is great for those unfamiliar with the burpee or those with limitations when it comes to jumping or pushing up off of the ground.

Begin in a tall-standing position with your hips and knees fully extended—you should be completely upright. Drop your hands down to the ground in front of you and kick your feet back. You should land in a palm-plank (push-up) position. Return to a tall-standing position with your hips and knees fully extended—you should end completely upright.

Pro Tip: Save the jumping for the burpee! The squat thrust is the ultimate test of core reactiveness and explosiveness. Focus on the quickness of the movement without sacrificing your form.

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Lateral Crawl with Push-Up: 

While this is a conditioning-centric workout, you will want to take this exercise slowly, focusing on keeping your body aligned and your core engaged.

Begin in a push-up or palm plank position with your feet together and your hands placed directly under your shoulders. If you are moving to the right side, place your left hand underneath your right hand while kicking your right foot out to the side. End this movement by placing your right hand and left foot back into reset position (labeled above). Once you’re back in “reset position,” add a push-up into the mix before starting your next rep.

Pro Tip: The push-up is the icing on the cake here. For this particular workout, I programmed more than a few push-ups, so upper body fatigue will set in quickly. That said, go at your own pace and only incorporate the push-up if you can manage it. The key movement here is the lateral (side) crawling.

High-Knee Sprint: 

This exercise is another great showcase of reactivity and explosive power. The High-knee sprint should be done with speed and finesse. Your objective here is to move your feet as quickly as you can while breaking hip height with your knees.

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