The Spartan Fit App Workout of the Week: Spartan Finisher #6

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Time: It’s our most valuable resource, and it can be incredibly tough to find when the day seems to dwindle right before your eyes. That’s why we created an entire lineup of Spartan Finishers on the Spartan Fit app. Whether you want to add these to the end of your workout to turn up the spice, or just let them be the main entree, we’ve got you covered. These Finishers take anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes to complete. The objective? Do it right, and finish it quickly.

This particular finisher is one of my favorites, and you can do it with me! Keep up if you can, or just take it at your own pace. Come back to it every so often, and try to beat your time on each attempt.

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Fit App Burpees

The Workout

We’ve got a burpee and side shuffle mash-up! The best part about this workout (besides the burpees) is that you’re working on your lateral (side to side) movement. Lateral movement is so often excluded in workouts, yet it is so valuable. And while this workout seems simple, with just two moves, I can assure you that it will give you a run for your money. My time was sub-4 minutes. Let’s see what you can do, Spartan!

The Set-Up

Place two cones on the ground, 5 yards apart. Begin by completing 10 burpees in front of the starting cone. After your 10th, side shuffle down to the cone and complete 10 more burpees. Once you’ve finished the 10th burpee, side shuffle back to the starting cone. This is one round. Your goal is to complete three total rounds (60 burpees and 30 yards of side shuffling) as quickly as you possibly can.

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The Burpee

You’re your own ref here. Pay attention to your form and do your best to crank out high-quality reps. Even though you’re shooting for time, form is never something to sacrifice.

Pro Tip: Film yourself going through the Finisher, so you can go back and assess your form. Sometimes, seeing your own form helps you to improve it.

The Side Shuffle

Relish this part, as it’s the closest thing to “rest” you’re going to get. Again, keep your form in check. When performing the side shuffle, make sure your chest is up and proud, and your hips are pushed back. You should look like a football player here. Your steps should be short and concise. Do your best not to cross your feet; rather, keep on your toes and match your foot placement as you move.

Download the Spartan Fit app to find more Finishers, and comprehensive training programs, to blast you into Spartan shape. AROO!

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