Olympus Obstacle Training: Week 6 - WOD / 2019

Olympus Obstacle Training: Week 6 - WOD / 2019
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Don't let Olympus be your Achilles' heel. This obstacle always ranks high on dishing out burpees, and the community is always asking us for more training and tips and tricks to beat it.

Here are 5 workouts that will build your legs, core, and grip strength--the key components to maneuvering across this obstacle. Try them all this week for a bootcamp in Olympus obstacle training, or incorporate them as appropriate to supplement your current training.

You can find specific tips and tricks about using the hand holds here. But first...

Get to Know Olympus


  • Get from one side to the other.
  • Don't touch the ground.
  • Don't grab the top of the wall.
  • Take as much time as you need.
  • Ring the bell.

Overview of Olympus Obstacle Training

If you watched the above video you might have already picked out some of the key movement patterns at play when doing this obstacle. You need to pull your feet into that wall, and at all costs, hold on tight. The deadlift and squat motions are what will anchor you to the wall just as much as your grip strength. Your core holds it all together,  creating a powerful triangle that roots you to the wall.

Yes, this week is going to be a burner for your legs, core and forearms.

All workouts should start with a dynamic warm-up and finish with cool-down mobility stretches

Workout 1: February 4, 2019

This workout is gonna shred your lower body. Pace yourself. Those lunges at the end might sneak up on you. 

3x20 Bodyweight Squats (30 sec rest in between sets) 3x15 Deep Back Squat (Light weight, “Ass to Grass”)(Barbell or pancake) 3x15 Kettlebell/pancake Front Squat (optional) 3x10 each way banded lateral walk in squat position (90 degrees at the knee) 3x10 Goblet Squat (Heavy) 3x10/leg Around the World Lunge (stationary Front/lateral/back; all 3 is one round)

Workout 2: February 5, 2019

Want Spartan abs? Work your core with ski abs and mountain climbers to finish any hardcore circuit. 


30 Sec Dynamic Squat 30 Sec Spiderman Planks 30 Sec/leg Bulgarian Split Squat w/ Hop 30 sec Pushups 30 Sec Overhead Press w/Pancake 30 sec Ski Abs 30 Sec Mountain Climbers

Repeat 8x

Rest day - February 6, 2019

Workout 3: February 7, 2019


4x8/arm Inverted Individual Arm Pulldown (heavy) Superset 4x10 Overhand: Hands hooked wide Barbell Row (activate forearms for grip) 4 minutes accumulated time of 90 degree arm holds 4x15 paces kettlebell farmers carry each way Superset 4x10 Burpees 4x20/arm Dumbbell Hand Open/Close 4x12 Weight plate front raise

Workout 4: February 8, 2019


EMOM- Every minute on the minute 50 Jumping Jacks 10 Burpees 12 Box Jumps

Repeat 5x for Sprint Repeat 7x for Super Repeat 10x for Beast Repeat 15x for Ultra

Workout 5: February 9, 2019


3x Row 500m as fast as possible, 1 min rest in between 4x 5 each direction Animal Flow Side Traveling Ape 3x30sec Tuck Jump 5x6 Deadlift (Heavy) Focus on Grip 4x10/leg Kettlebell RDL