Functional Interval Training: The Filthy Fifty

Functional Interval Training: The Filthy Fifty
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We’re halfway through our month of spring training, focusing on waking up primal patterns of movement, also known as fundamental movement patterns. Training primal movement patterns — with intensity— helps you build balance, speed, strength, power and the overall foundation of athleticism one needs to be thoroughly prepared for a Spartan race.  A highlight of the week will be the Filthy Fifty — a classic CrossFit workout that is equal parts challenging and humbling.

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Week 3: Day 1 - Monday, March 18, 2019

The first week you got into a rhythm of functional interval training. The second week we focused on the core.

This week we up the intensity with more Tabata and introduce you to the Filthy Fifty — a circuit-training workout you won’t soon forget.

Circuit 1:

  • 250m Row
  • 10 Burpees
  • 250 Row
  • 10 Plank Up Downs
  • 250 Row
  • 10 Swimmers
  • 250 Row
  • 10 Crab Reach

Circuit 2 - 5 Rounds

  • 12 Windmill Slams
  • 12 Walking Lunges
  • 12 Renegade Row
  • 12 RDL’s
  • 12 Ring Push-Ups


Week 3: Day 2 - March 19, 2019

Today we are increasing our sprint times by an extra 15 seconds. During rests between sets we’ll spend time working on the core.

This is a way optimize your training time while you catch your breath. Always take advantage of a rest period with the likes of an isometric hold (like a plank) to strengthen your core.

Remember to keep in mind that all this hard work is getting you ready for whatever life may throw you on or off the course.

3 Rounds

  • :45 Run, Incline 10
  • :30 Shoulder Taps
  • :45 Run, Incline 10.5
  • :30 Shoulder Taps
  • :45 Run, Incline 11
  • :30 Shoulder Taps
  • :45 Run, Incline 11.5
  • :30 Shoulder Taps
  • :45 Run, Incline 12

Active Recovery

Week 3: Day 3 - March 20, 2019

Take advantage of the day off and practice good recovery: Hydrate, eat well and get to bed early. Treat tomorrow's Filthy Fifty like you would a race.

3 Rounds:

  • 10/each Y’s, T’s, I’s
  • 10 Lateral Lunges
  • 5 Toe Touch, Yoga Push Up, Child’s Pose
  • 10 Dead Bugs

Filthy Fifty

Week 3: Day 4 - March 21, 2019

Filthy fifty: 50 reps each of a superior lineup of full-body exercises.

To get the most out of this classic CrossFit Benchmark workout, here are 3 high-value tips to prevent injury, maximize your performance and get the most out of it.

1. Don't skimp on your warm-up

To fast-forward through a warm-up--especially before a workout as demanding as this one--is to not only risk a weak performance but to risk injury. We suggest using this 5-step warm-up from SGX coach Mike Deibler.

2. Optimize both pre-and post-workout nutrition

These five nutrients will cover all the bases.

3. Optimize your post-workout recovery

A workout of this magnitude packs a catabolic punch. To get the most out of it, know the science behind the anabolic window and how to come back stronger, faster and better.

Filthy 50

  • 50 Step Ups
  • 50 Jumping Pull-Ups
  • 50 KB Swings
  • 50 Push Press
  • 50 Hanging Knee to Elbows
  • 50 Supermans
  • 50  Lunges
  • 50 Jump Rope

Kettlebell form: It’s crucial to maintain a flat back with your chin tucked, simulating kettlebell deadlift form. At the top of your swing, keep your elbows in close to your body as you squeeze your glutes together. When performed correctly, kettlebell swings light up the muscles of your posterior chain.


Week 3: Day 5 March 19, 2019 

Tabata training refers to a format of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) consisting of sets of fast-paced exercises, each performed for 20 seconds and each followed by just 10 seconds of rest.

We’ve been using this form of HIIT effectively throughout this program and at this point you should start to feel the results. Are you noticing that you are recover from your ‘work’ intervals faster?

4 Rounds

  • :20 Eccentric Sit-Ups
  • :20 Rest
  • :20 Mountain Climbers
  • :20 Rest
  • :20 Side Plank Knee to Elbow
  • :20 Rest
  • :20 Burpees


Week 3: Day 6 March 19, 2019 

Today, get going with three rounds of a 400-meter run paired with 30-second ISO chin-up holds, capped off with a two-minute rest.

Circuit 1: 3 Rounds

  • Run 400m
  • :30 ISO Pull-Up Hold
  • 2 min rest

Key point: During this ISO hold, be sure to press your heels together, squeeze your glutes and don’t let that chin drop below the bar. Focusing on keeping a tight core and controlling your breath will help maintain your hold.


Day 7: Saturday, March 24, 2019


About This Week’s Program Designer: Danielle Bitts, SGX

Danielle Bitts is the Senior Content Manager for Spartan. As a writer, editor and certified personal trainer living in New York City, she can usually be found working out in the gym or creating content in one.

About This Week’s Performers:

Christina LaGrega:

Christina LaGrega is a certified group fitness instructor, SGX Coach and Spartan Strong educator from Long Island, NY. She has been a staple in the industry for over 9 years, traveling the country as a Master Trainer and National Presenter. Christina uses her platform to create positive impact and influence in every community she encounters. She believes that we all acquire the ability to be empowered and in control of our destination and journey in life. Her spicy, yet authentic personality make her workouts and training sessions challenging yet fun. She may be tough, but her beliefs that “growth comes from discomfort” will help guide you through every moment of doubt and right through that finish line.

Walter Derrig:

Originally from New Jersey, Walter grew up with a love for sports. Running fast was his natural talent so track and field is what he gravitated towards. Excelling with hurdles, 110High and 400 intermediate he’s no stranger to running over obstacles. After leaving night life to start a career in fitness, he spent time as a head coach at Tone House NYC. He now spends his time focusing on a new gym “Project Sculpt” opening spring 2019 in Hoboken, New Jersey and racing chasing his podium dreams on the weekends. His approach to training is simple, if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you. Walter proudly holds his NASM CPT.