Get Moving for Spring Training: Foundational Movement Patterns for Spartans - Week 1

Get Moving for Spring Training: Foundational Movement Patterns for Spartans - Week 1
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Functional movement patterns are what you should be practicing during spring training. Why? Because what good is all the exercise in the world if you are doing it in a limited capacity and in the improper way. How much can you accomplish this season if you are lacking fundamental and basic skills. With movements you want to master all the possible movement patterns that are demanded upon you as a human. As a Spartan you need to be ready for anything, prepared for movement in all directions, so you can navigate our race and obstacles.

When in doubt, move. Go for a walk. Do squats. Do burpees. Movement: that’s how you rip yourself off the couch. You get moving.

Functional interval training, the focus of this month, is what allows you to do exercises like these in smartly chosen intervals of time that will maximize your results.

With spring finally here, we all can use a reminder about this.  Despite our best intentions, we all sometimes fall into hibernation-mode during the winter and need wake up, get moving, and back to fundamentals. Here is a video that breaks down the fundamental movement patterns a Spartan needs to know.

This month we explore the 7 fundamental movement patterns Spartans need to know:

  • vertical push
  • vertical pull
  • horizontal push
  • horizontal pull
  • hinge movement
  • knee movement
  • core

A training plan rooted in foundational and functional training such as this one, is optimal for an person aspiring to race our Mountain Series.

We are going to build these movements into functional interval training.

Day 1: Strength: Monday, March 4, 2019

Always start your workouts with a warm-up and finish them with some mobility stretches. These 5-10 minutes are vital to your overall health and performance.

Circuit 1 - 3 Rounds

  • 10 Med Ball Power Slams
  • 10 Lateral Crossovers
  • 10 Banded Anti-Rotation

Circuit 2 - 5 Rounds

  • 10/leg Single Leg Bulgarian Squats
  • 10 Decline Push-Ups
  • 10 Ring Rows
  • 10 Single Leg Deadlifts
  • 10kcal Assault Bike

Key points:

  • If you don't have an assault bike, sprint 50-100meters or do 15 burpees full speed.
  • Bulgarian Split Squats - Be aware of your alignment, specifically in the areas of your knees and ankles. 
  • Single Leg Deadlift - Keep your weight in your heel. Hinge at waistline. 

Day 2: Conditioning: Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Today we’ll be working on maintaining strength and muscle endurance under fatigue.  Welcome to Conditioning 101.

3 Rounds

  • :30 Run, Incline 10
  • 10 Burpees
  • :30 Run, Incline 10.5
  • 10 Skiers
  • :30 Run, Incline 11
  • 10 Squat Jumps
  • :30 Run, Incline 11.5
  • 10 Burpees
  • :30 Run, Incline 12

Key Points:

  • Start at a pace you feel comfortable with for :30 and increase by incline  .5 after each interval.

Day 3: Active Recovery: Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Circuit 1 - 3 Rounds:

  • 10/leg Banded Lateral Walks
  • 10 Banded Glute Bridges
  • 10/side Banded Anti-Rotation

Circuit 2 - 3 Rounds:

  • 10 Supermans
  • 10 Eccentric Sit-Ups
  • 10 Straight Leg Alternating Deadbugs

Key Points:

  • Active recovery is a crucial component in any training program. It keeps joints lubricated, muscles activated without putting too much stress on the body.
  • Active recovery can range anywhere between yoga, swimming, a light jog or simple bodyweight and banded strength session.
  • The important thing to remember here is that you’re in control of how much you do based off of how recovered you feel from the last two days.

Day 4: Strength:  Thursday, March 7, 2019

Circuit 1 - 3 Rounds:

  • 8 Box Jump Overs
  • 8 Windmill Slams
  • 8 Kettlebell Swings
  • 8 Drop Squat off Box

Circuit 2 - 4 Rounds:

  • 16 Weighted Alternating Step Ups
  • 10 Suitcases
  • 10 Bent Over Row
  • 10 Hollow Rocks
  • 10 Push Press

Key Points:

  • Explosive power helps with learning how to stabilize your core.
  • Often times we don’t think about coming down from obstacles, we think about climbing up them. The drop squat will teach you how to properly land to decrease risk of injury. With the drop squats, you’re going to start by standing on the box and extending one leg out. Drop to floor level and land in quarter squat position. Make sure your knees are not extending past toes and your are sitting deep into that hip hinge.
  • For the bent over row start with a DB in each hand, sit back into that hip hinge keeping back flat and eyes facing facing down. Keeping elbows tight to the ribcage as you pull up db into hips

Day 5: Tabata: Friday, March 8, 2019

6 Rounds:

  • :20 Weighted (KB) Jumps
  • :20 Rest
  • :20 Bodyweight Lateral Step Ups
  • :20 Rest
  • :20 Mountain Climbers
  • :20 Rest
  • :20 Split Lunge Jumps
  • :20 Plank Up Downs

Key Points:

  • In our lives, we usually only focus on linear movements, training our body’s to only know one plane of motion.
  • Adding in lateral movements, like the bodyweight step ups, helps maintain balance stabilization and decreases risk of overuse injuries. With this exercise, make sure to pick a box appropriate for your height, point your toes forward as you step while keeping the shin angle at 90 degrees. You should feel this in your hamstrings and glutes as you drive up. And keep in mind don’t let your knees track over your toes.

Day 6: Strength: Saturday, March 9, 2019



Circuit 1 - 3 Rounds

  • 10 Wall Balls
  • 10 Burpee Box Jumps

Circuit 2 - 5 Rounds

  • 8 Eccentric Chin-Ups
  • 8 Front Squat
  • 8 Alternating Strict Press
  • 8 RDL’s

Hone in on eccentric pull-ups, what eccentric means, benefit of eccentric exercises

Day 7: Rest: Sunday, March 10, 2019

Program Designer: Danielle Bitts

Danielle Bitts is the Senior Content Manager for Spartan. As a writer, editor and certified personal trainer living in New York City, she can usually be found working out in the gym or creating content in one.

About This Week’s Performers:

Christina LaGrega:

Christina LaGrega is a certified group fitness instructor, SGX Coach and Spartan Strong educator from Long Island, NY. She has been a staple in the industry for over 9 years, traveling the country as a Master Trainer and National Presenter. Christina uses her platform to create positive impact and influence in every community she encounters. She believes that we all acquire the ability to be empowered and in control of our destination and journey in life. Her spicy, yet authentic personality make her workouts and training sessions challenging yet fun. She may be tough, but her beliefs that “growth comes from discomfort” will help guide you through every moment of doubt and right through that finish line.

Walter Derrig:

Originally from New Jersey, Walter grew up with a love for sports. Running fast was his natural talent so track and field is what he gravitated towards. Excelling with hurdles, 110High and 400intermediate he’s no stranger to running over obstacles. After leaving night life to start a career in fitness, he spent time as a head coach at Tone House NYC. He now spends his time focusing on a new gym “Project Sculpt” opening spring 2019 in Hoboken, New Jersey and racing chasing his podium dreams on the weekends. His approach to training is simple, if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you. Walter proudly holds his NASM CPT.