Thrusters and Slams: A 20-Minute Workout

Thrusters and Slams: A 20-Minute Workout
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For the beginner and elite alike, time is a common denominator.

In short, there isn't enough of it.

But sometimes we can find 20-minutes to ourselves; a window where our attention can be directed towards physical exertion.

When this happens you should have a plan. That's why we are doing some tried and true 20-minute workouts.

Here is a full body work that uses a Spartan pancake. This is a workout that you can do almost anywhere.

Warm-up (5 minutes)

5 Squats 5 Push-ups 5 Burpees

Repeat sequence at a slow pace for full 4 minutes. Start slow and gradually increase speed. Stretch it out as you ease into these moves slowly.

Recover for 1 minute.

Main Set (12 minutes)

1-minute Squat to Overhead Press 1-minute rest

1-minute Pancake Slams 1-minute rest

Repeat 3 x

Ramp up your intensity each time through this sequence. Because you had such a short warm-up, the first set should be tame. Just be sure to be going full tilt by your last set.

The more you do a workout like this, the more experience you gain in pacing. Don't overthink it, just do your best.

How much weight? That depends on you. We suggest you always keep it lighter on the weight, to always ensure ideal form. You want to be able to go at a controlled and steady pace for the full minute.

10 lbs is a great start for beginners.

Cool down (3 minutes) 

Jog/walk or Stretch or Foam Roll or Acumobility

Today's Challenge:

Are you ready to roll when it's time to train? Was your Spartan pancake easy to find for the above workout? Did you have training clothes ready?

Today make sure you have workout clothes ready for the week, or at least tomorrow. By having them laid out and ready, or already packed in your bag, you eliminate one potential excuse before it sinks its teeth into you during the chaos of the work week.

Tomorrow's Workout

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