Functional Foundations: 6 Workouts

Functional Foundations: 6 Workouts
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This is the final week of our Spartan foundational training plan. We'll continue to wake up your primal movement patterns with everything from the Turkish get-up to the burpee box jump.

This is the final week of progression through fundamental movement patterns that we started three weeks ago:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3


Week 4, Day 1 Monday - March 25, 2019

Circuit 1: 3 Rounds

Circuit 2: 5 Rounds

  • 12 Single Leg Stability Bulgarian Squat
  • 6 Eccentric Pull-Ups
  • 12 Partner Glute-Ham Raise
  • 6 Eccentric Push-Ups
  • 50ft Farmer’s Carry


Week 4, Day 2  - Tuesday - March 26, 2019

1600m run

10 Alternating  Lateral Step Ups

1200m run

10 Alternating Lateral Step Ups

800m run

10 Alternating Lateral Step Ups

400m run

10 Alternating Lateral Step Ups

Core Finisher: 3 Rounds

10 Plank Push-Ups

10 Hollow Rocks

10 Eccentric Sit-Ups

Alright Spartans way to work Week 4/Day 2 time for some more conditioning! It’s time to test that endurance with some longer runs paired with some lateral steps-ups to really feel that burn.

Active Recovery

Week 4, Day 3 - Wednesday - March 27, 2019

5 Rounds:

  • Banded Toe Taps
  • Banded Squat Jumps
  • Banded Deadbugs
  • Banded Pull Aparts
  • Banded OH Squats


Week 4, Day 4 - Thursday - March 28, 2019

Hey everybody! The two main pieces of equipment you’ll need for today’s Spartan Fit workout will be a medicine ball and kettlebell. Our first circuit consists of:

5 MB Slams

5 MB Windmills

5 Wall Balls

Coming in hot with 6 rounds will be:

15 Goblet Squat

15 Push Press

15 Deadlifts

15 Bird Dogs

For the goblet squat, keep the kettlebell at chest level, sit those hips back and shift weight back onto your heels. When it comes time to stand back up, maintain weight in the heels and squeeze your glutes at the top.

Bird dogs with be done on the floor on all fours. From there you’ll reach out with opposite arm, opposite leg while keeping your core stable and facing the ground. The key here will be maintaining a consistent and steady breath along with a tight core.


Week 4, Day 5 - Friday - March 29, 2019

It’s feel good friday and it’s time for some high intensity interval training. Let’s get to work!

Today we’ve got 5 rounds of:

:60 Box Jump Overs

:60 Ring Rows

:60 MB Slams

:60 Pull-Ups

:60 Jump Rope

We’re spicing up our traditional box jumps and adding a burpee after each rep. The goal here is to get as many reps as possible while maintaining proper form at all times. How many reps can you get?

Burpee Box Jump Says It All

Week 4, Day 6 - Saturday - March 30, 2019

Great job Spartans, YOU MADE IT! We’re so proud of the progress you’ve made over the last 4 weeks. For our last Spartan Fit workout, we’re hitting the ground running for 25 minutes followed by 25 REPS OF THE FOLLOWING:

25 Hollow Rocks

25 Bent Over Rows

25 Single Leg Glute Bridges

25 Burpee Box Jump

For a burpee box jump, face the box. Lower into quarter-squat position start with arms behind your body. Jump up onto the box throwing arms up and away from body helping guide momentum. Jump down right into a burpee and repeat. You’ve completed a solid burpee box jump.

Thanks for following all month and stay tuned for more, Spartan Fit workouts. AROO!

Week 4, Day 7 (Sunday)

Rest Day