3 of the Best Functional Core Exercises and Workouts for Real Athletes

3 of the Best Functional Core Exercises and Workouts for Real Athletes
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A strong and stable core is everything for an athlete. Consider it our foundation to being able to perform at a high level. In addition to our abdominal muscles, the core includes our hips, glutes, lower back, and hip flexors.

Planks, sit-ups, dead bugs, and bird dogs may be staples, but there are other innovative ways to make sure all of your angles are covered.

Spartan FIT Master Coaches Gabe Snow, Evan Betts, and Trevor Franklin share three of their essential core exercises and how to apply them.

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Coach Gabe Snow

His Core Move:

Static split squat Paloff press

"Rotation resistance keeps our lower back nice and happy," Coach Gabe says. "Building strength in the unilateral stance (the split stance position) will challenge your single-leg stability and translate to a more stable lunge and running gait."

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Coach Evan Betts

His Core Move: 

Kick through

"The kick through is a full body move that challenges every inch of the core from every direction," Coach Evan says. "It's typically a position to escape a rear mount, so it's very applicable to MMA or wrestling."

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Coach Trevor Franklin

His Core Move:

Heavy kettlebell front rack hold

"These build core strength and endurance," Coach Trevor says. "It engages the entire body similar to a plank, but with a heavy weight. Heavier holds lead to bigger lifts over time."

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