Hit Every Muscle, Top to Bottom, in 30 Minutes With This Intense At-Home Workout

Hit Every Muscle, Top to Bottom, in 30 Minutes With This Intense At-Home Workout

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If you're in need of an effective, Spartan-approved workout that you can do anywhere, look no further. Spartan's Director of Training, Sam Stauffer, walks you through a routine that taxes every muscle —  top to bottom — in 30 minutes flat so you can work out at home. No excuses.

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Once you complete the warm-up, you'll move into the main workout, which has you utilize your own bodyweight and a sandbag (or weighted backpack/duffel bag). You'll complete a series of lower- and upper-body exercises for a minute each, resting as little as possible between movements. Once you finish your last move (burpees), you can rest for a minute or two before starting up again.

Like many of these Spartan at-home workouts, you can use this as a template to build your own routines. Performing a move for one minute is a great way to force yourself to work hard as you're watching the clock, not counting reps. And when you're up against a timer, it usually brings out one's competitive side.

The Warm-Up

-Leg cradles (8-10 each leg)
- Bodyweight Squats (10)
- Single-leg deadlifts (10)
-Arm circles (8 forward, 8 backward)
- Flings (10)

The Workout

- Perform 3-4 rounds of the following circuit and rest 1-2 minutes after all of the moves are complete.
- Dips (60 seconds)
- Reverse lunge with knee drive (60 seconds)
- Active plank (60 seconds)
- Side squats (60 seconds)
- Rear-foot elevated split squats (60 seconds)
-Chops (60 seconds)
- Flings (60 seconds)
-Burpees (60 seconds)

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