The Ultimate Strength-Training Backyard Workout

The Ultimate Strength-Training Backyard Workout
Presented by Spartan Training®

No interest in going to the gym, or don't have time? No problem. Just walk outside and get in a backyard workout. Get creative: you can run loops around your neighborhood to warm up. Is there a pull-up bar within a half-mile? Good. You have everything you need this morning.

No gym, no excuses. Now bust these exercises out, in succession, breathing in the cool air. When you're done, head inside, shower up, and get on with your day. Boom — you've worked out harder and faster than everyone you know, and you haven't even started work yet.

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The Spartan 300 Backyard Workout

Warm up:

Start with this dynamic warm-up, and then run for 10 minutes around your neighborhood.

Main set:

Cool down:

Stretch or try these yoga-inspired moves for epic recovery

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