These Playlists From Trainers and Coaches Will Get You Through Every Kind of Workout

These Playlists From Trainers and Coaches Will Get You Through Every Kind of Workout

If you've hit a wall in your exercise routine or are feeling bored throughout the workout, you probably need a new playlist. But who has time for that? It's difficult fitting a workout into your busy schedule as it is/

And say you found time to make your own playlist. Great! But is it any good? Is it putting you in the right frame of mind? What if you had a one-stop shop for a compilation of great playlists developed by pro trainers? You're in luck.

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Below is a list of workout playlists, put together by elite trainers, that fit any kind of exercise mood you're experiencing.

Workout Playlists by Trainers for YOU

Sarah Gawron

workout playlists by trainers

Sarah Gawron is a kettlebell and durability specialist who explores different plans and levels of strength to optimize the human body. She believes that everyone has the ability to move well with strength, power, and grace, and she helps her clients get there by focusing on building strength from the ground up. Coach Sarah coaches CrossFit at Solace New York in Manhattan.

Click below to check out her playlists on Spotify.

When She's in the Zone When She's Not in the Mood to Work Out When She's Lifting Heavy When She's Running When She's Trying to Calm Her Mind

"When it comes to training and coaching classes, it is all about the music to help motivate myself and the athletes I coach," she says.

Joe Rodonis

workout playlists by trainers

With a demanding travel schedule thanks to a career in healthcare sales, Joe Rodonis became obsessed with learning how to stay healthy and energized away from home. This led him to obtain a certification as a personal trainer and health coach, and the playlists below will help you test your physical and mental limits. 

When He's in the Zone When He's Not in the Mood to Work Out When He's Lifting Heavy When He's Running When He's Trying to Calm His Mind

"Your training should challenge you to push through mental/physical limits," he says. "Much broader than that, however, this is about proactively taking care of your health so you can live your best life."

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Jared Prudoff-Smith

Jared Prudoff-Smith was born and raised in Washington, D.C. and has been involved in athletics, coaching, and teaching his entire life. He fell in love with CrossFit in 2010, began coaching in 2011, and has been a coach at CrossFit 5th Ave since 2012. He's also an actor, and a fashion and fitness model. For some insight into what gets him going, check out his playlists below.

When He's in the Zone

"All of the Lights", Kanye West "Workout", J Cole "Split", Tiesto "Zeze", Kodak Black "679", Fetty Wap "Luv", Tory Lanez "Go Get It", T.I. "Get It Shawty", Lloyd "Mia, Bad Bunny", Drake "Five More Hours", Deorro x Chris Brown

When He's Not in the Mood to Work Out

"Overnight Celebrity" - Twista "Senorita" - Justin Timberlake "Dimelo" - Tory Lanez "Another One Bites the Dust" - Queen "Eye of the Tiger" - Survivor "The Chain" - Fleetwood Mac "Callaita" - Bad Bunny "Hero" - Nas "Renegade" - Jay-Z feat. Eminem "Intro" - Meek Mill

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When He's Lifting Heavy

"Power" - Kanye West "R.I.P." - Jeezy "Let's Go" - Trick Daddy "Sicko Mode" - Travis Scott "Middle Child" - J. Cole "Shooters" - Tory Lanez "Come Together" - Gary Clark Jr "Numb/Encore" - Linkin Park feat. Jay-Z "Callaita" - Bad Bunny "F**kin' Problems" - ASAP Rocky

When He's Running

"Move on Up" - Curtis Mayfield "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" - The Temptations "Superstition" - Stevie Wonder "Use Me" - Bill Withers "Got to Give It Up" - Marvin Gaye "For the Love of Money" - The O'Jays "I Want You Back" - The Jackson 5 "The Rubberband Man" - The Spinners "Theme From Shaft - Isaac Hayes "Come and Get Your Love" - Redbone

When He's Trying to Calm His Mind

"Girl With the Tattoo Enter.Lewd" - Miguel "Criminal" - Miguel "Arch and Point" - Miguel "Simple Things" - Miguel feat. Chris Brown "Slow Motion" - Trey Songz "I'm Not in Love" - 10cc "Fall For Your Type" - Jamie Foxx "Light My fire" - Jose Feliciano "Untitled" - D'Angelo "Sundress" - ASAP Rocky

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