Beast Week Day 3: STRENGTH: September 6, 2017

Beast Week Day 3: STRENGTH: September 6, 2017
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Beast Week: This week we will be focusing on endurance, a pillar of Spartan Training. Endurance is required to finish a Spartan Beast.

Doing three workouts in a row is test of endurance. Nice work. Tomorrow you will get to relax into some active recovery, so hang tough and push through this workout with your best effort.

Today we will continue to push your muscular endurance. This workout will focus on your upper body and core.

For the greatest training effect use light to moderate weight and aim for perfect form and control with each repetition.

For a greater challenge, keep your rest time to 1 minute or less between sets.

Endurance is nobler than strength, and patience than beauty. --John Ruskin


Jumping Jacks 2 x 20 Bear Crawl 2 x 25 yards - Low and slow!

Main Set: Super Set Strength Circuit

Part I A1. Push-up x 10-15 (Advanced: Decline push-ups) A2. Pull-ups x 5-10 A3. Skull Crusher x 10 Rest 1 minute and repeat x 4

B1. Dips x 10-15 B2. Upright Row x 10-15 B3. Hanging Leg Raises x 5+ Rest 1 minute and repeat x 4

C1. Plank x 30 seconds Rest 1 minute C2. Pancake Slams x 10 Rest 1 minute and repeat x 3

Part II: Walk 15 minutes carrying weight. Hang tough, we know it's been a long week. But endurance is about grinding it out.

If stuck indoors, use the stair climber or rowing machine.

Cool Down

Stretch Foam Roll


Beginner Version: Reduce Rep Count Advanced Version: Increase Rep Count and/or resistance

Endurance Tip:

Don't have enough time to fit a long endurance workout into your day? Break the workout into segments. You can do Part I of the above workout in the morning and do Part II in the evening.

Too often we fall into an 'all or nothing' mentality. If we can't find 1 hour to run, we just skip our run all together. Instead of this, try and find 20 minutes to run three times during the day. Keep your running gear on hand (or just live in it) and bounce for a quick 10-20 minute dash here and there.

Is this as optimal? That's debatable. But it's 100% better than doing nothing. Endurance is a cumulative thing. You simply need to log the time. Do it however you can.