Workout of the Day: STRENGTH: September 11, 2017

Workout of the Day: STRENGTH: September 11, 2017
Presented by Spartan Training®

The Spartan Sprint race is 3+ miles and is good for everyone, beginner obstacle racers all the way to expert. This distance takes stamina, speed, and strength.

This week our main focus in preparing for a Sprint will be cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength, equally balanced for upper body, leg, and core strength.


10 minutes Skip, high knee jog, skip side to side, skip front to back, jog

Sprint Strength Circuit:

Part I Shouldered Walking Lunges w/Pancake Per Leg 4 x 15 Shouldered Split Lunge Jumps w/Pancake (Switch Shoulders Half Way) 4 x 30 Bear Crawl 4 x 25 yards Push-Ups 4 x 20 Rest 2 minutes

Plank Shoulder Taps 2 x 30 seconds Flutter Kicks 2 x 30 seconds Rest 1 minute

Part II (:30s) Max Intensity Sprints, rest 1:00m between rounds. Repeat, 8-10 times in total.

Cool Down

Stretch Foam Roll


Beginner Version: Reduce sprints to (:20s). Advanced Version: Increase the circuit to 5 rounds.