Where Does 'DEKA' Come From? The Decathlon of Functional Fitness — A Modern Pursuit of Excellence

Where Does 'DEKA' Come From? The Decathlon of Functional Fitness — A Modern Pursuit of Excellence
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DEKA is The Decathlon of Functional Fitness. It consists of indoor fitness competitions and motivational training programs designed for ALL levels. Take your OCR game to a whole new level and embrace the DEKA challenge. Sign up for our first DEKA event NOW. It’s YOU vs. YOU … What will be your DEKA score? #DEKA. More locations to follow.

“The approach was simple. If you train the way you fight, you’ll always be ready for battle.”

Since day one, our mission has always been to provide athletes of all fitness levels with a way to train functionally, effectively, and with purpose. In doing so, DEKA helps to break people away from a cycle of just going through the motions and replaces it with training with a purpose. The word "compete" comes from two Latin terms—comi & petere. Com meaning come together and petere meaning seek and strive. We can’t credit for that approach. The truth is, the idea of achieving a higher level of fitness and performance through functional, full-body movement has been around for roughly 2,000 years. 

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DEKA: A Modern Pursuit of Excellence

In Ancient Greece, the term Arete referred to a level of excellence that could only be reached through proper preparation and conditioning of the mind, body, and soul. The Greeks used this goal as a standard for living a purposeful life, applying it to every aspect of their lives—including athletics. Their efforts weren’t for personal gain, they were meant to lift up those around them. The Greeks believed that striving for this level of excellence would, in turn, directly benefit their family, their city, and the gods. Because of their continuous work and preparation, they were constantly ready for any obstacles—that came their way.

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This pursuit of reaching one’s full potential is the driving force behind what makes DEKA so effective. We believe that continuously challenging and conditioning yourself to raise the standard of what you’re capable of will help you in every aspect of life. The body is a beautiful machine that allows us to accomplish so much. It allows us to go to work and earn a living so that we can feed our families. It allows us to get out in the front yard and play with our kids. It allows us to get out and see the world. By testing, challenging, and maintaining our bodies, we’re able to ensure that we can continue to say yes to all of the greatest things that life has to offer.


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