This Is the Best Way to Train, According to 5 Master Coaches

This Is the Best Way to Train, According to 5 Master Coaches
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First and foremost, the true best way to train is specific to each individual and their goals. The nuts and bolts of what an athlete does day in and day out can easily vary greatly from one person to the next. However, there are still some best practices that cover us all. To find out what they are, we spoke with five Spartan Master Coaches to get their take on the best way to crush your training.

What Are the Best Training Techniques?

1. Bodyweight and Hard

It goes without saying: Strength training with resistance will always be one of the best ways to train, but mastery of bodyweight comes first.

“I like to do HIIT-style bodyweight workouts," CrossFit athlete and Spartan Master Coach Meg Reardon says. "That means hard intervals and short periods of rest. It doesn’t have to be complex, just show up and do the work."

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Try one of Meg’s tough bodyweight workouts: The 3x10

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.

— 10 burpees

— 10 squat jumps

— 10 palm plank jacks 

2. Light and Right 

One of the biggest mistakes that coaches and trainers see time and time again is jumping into things too aggressively. That could mean loading up weights that are too heavy or logging too many miles too quickly. When it comes to strength training, Spartan Coach Gabe Snow is all about perfection before putting up big numbers.

“I believe in using dynamic movement to challenge the body first, and then using loads (weights) later in a program,” Gabe says. “I don't focus on how much a client increases the amount of pounds or kilos they push or pull, but mainly on how they control the weight."

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3. Fast and Explosive

Former professional athlete and Spartan Master Coach Poppy Livers was an underdog his whole life. He was forced to out-train everyone. How did he get himself (and his clients) ahead? He focuses on speed and power.

“I believe in training like an athlete, so that means full body, functional movements to be quick and powerful,” Poppy says. “I love plyometrics, and I want to build that motor."

Try one of Poppy’s elite-level explosive power circuits:

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds. Rest 30 seconds. Repeat for 3 rounds. 

A1: Two dumbbell clean to step-up (left side) x 30 seconds

A2: Two dumbbell clean to step-up (right side) x 30 seconds

A3: Box jump to single-leg land (alternating) x 30 seconds

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4. Focused and Functional

Always ask yourself this: Does what I’m doing have a functional purpose?

“I learned a lot about training from playing sports, my own journey, and from being around others in the industry,” Spartan Master Coach Trevor Franklin says. “I want my clients to be strong, but to also understand that their strength has a greater purpose, and the strength that we build together helps them excel in everything outside the gym." 

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Try this out with one of Trevor’s functional kettlebell flows, the single-leg deadlift to row to snatch. Perform each exercise of the flow for one repetition, then move to the next exercise and then the next for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat for 5 rounds. Check out two more of Trevor’s flows here

5. Sustainable

“The way that I approach fitness is similar to how I approach certain things in life," Spartan Master Coach Jason Markland says. "I think about longevity.”

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Translation: take your warm-ups, cool downs, mobility sessions, and active recovery days just as seriously as your toughest workouts (if not more seriously). 

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