Reliving Unbreakable 24: No Sleep, Yoga Poses on Soup Cans, Raw Onions, and 3,000 Burpees

Reliving Unbreakable 24: No Sleep, Yoga Poses on Soup Cans, Raw Onions, and 3,000 Burpees
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More than 700 athletes from 32 countries around the world participated in Spartan’s inaugural 24-hour virtual race this past weekend. The marathon event brought the spirit of Spartan’s most insane and difficult events. The challenge turned to the virtual realm: Competitors ran (or completed the cardio equivalent of) 86K, tackled more than 135 obstacles, and took on unprecedented challenges that tested the mind, body, and even the taste buds.

The Last Spartans Standing

In the end, four remarkable competitors were left standing: Katie Falkowski, 34, of Hyannis, Mass.; Donna Boots, 60, of Baldwinsville, NY; Euan Campbell, 47, of Zillmere, Australia; and Michael Covino, 50, of Worcester, Mass.

Competitors kicked off the event with a workout led by Spartan founder and CEO Joe De Sena, and his children. What followed included virtual editions of the Sprint, Super, Beast, and Ultra races. A series of bodyweight and aerobic exercises were mandated, including burpees, planks, hand-release push-ups, mountain climbers, and others.

From there, competitors took part in a workout inspired by La Ruta, the cross-country Costa Rican mountain bike race. After the field was narrowed to 150 competitors, the Extreme Endurance leg kicked into high gear. Borrowing from Spartan’s storied Death Race, participants were subjected to a litany of incredibly grueling, mind-bending tasks.

The Completely Ridiculous Obstacles

The physically and mentally demanding tasks included a 12-hour barbed wire crawl, moving 2,000-pound boulders, and completing 3,000 burpees. Competitors chowed down on raw onions (seriously) while completing push-ups, worked on crossword puzzles while doing handstands, made paper airplanes while blindfolded, and held yoga poses while on soup cans. Those still in contention at that point then had to perform 60 minutes straight of burpees, push-ups, planks, and mountain climbers.

After 24 hours of extreme physical and mental challenges — including no sleep — four competitors were left standing.

Relive the Madness

For an up close and personal look at the madness, or if you want to relive the memorable weekend after participating (or watching), check out the videos below. It's almost too crazy to be real.

Part 1: The Trifecta

Part 2: Ultra and Hurricane Heat

Part 3: The Death Race

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