Super Spartan Training Plan: Day 19 - Power

Super Spartan Training Plan: Day 19 - Power
Presented by Spartan Training®

You are one week out from the end of your Spartan Race Super training plan, Spartan. This means that you are in your last intensive training week.

Today, we are ramping up our intensity and the technique of our power training. Challenge yourself to try the new variations listed. We are increasing our repetitions, we are increasing our distances, and we are increasing our heights. Find the strength within you to complete these new challenges.

Try to keep your rest to a minimum between the exercises in this circuit today. If you can, move from one exercise to the next seamlessly as if you were coming off of an obstacle and moving on to the next. This is your week to finish your race prep.


Dynamic Warm Up

Main Set: 

Bear Crawl – 4 x 50 yards (8-9 RPE)

Jumping Pull Ups – 4×12 (8-9 RPE)

Box Jumps– 4×12 (8-9 RPE)

Plyometric Push Ups – 4×12 (8-9 RPE)

Plyometric Step Ups – 4×12 (8-9 RPE)

Goblet Carry – 4×150 yards (8-9 RPE)

  • Holding a pancake or a weight similar to your goblet squat, walk 100 yards. During the carry, pay attention that you do not sink your hips forward, putting pressure on your lower back. Imagine you are drawing your belt buckle up towards your navel throughout the entire walk.

Squat Jumps – 4×12 (8-9 RPE)

Burpees – 4×12 (8-9 RPE)

Cool Down:

Pull out your favorite Acumobility SPARTAN Ball or Acumobility SPARTAN Eclipse Roller. Spend anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes on each muscle, depending on tightness.

Today, you will want to release your:

  • Lats (under your shoulder blades)
  • Pecs (below the front of your shoulder socket)
  • Calfs (lower leg)
  • Hamstrings (back of upper leg)

A more advanced Spartan may also require a hip flexor releases just above your front hip bone.