Super Spartan Training Plan: Day 17 - Pushing

Super Spartan Training Plan: Day 17 - Pushing
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Technique training is all about utilizing your strength to reach maximum depth in any given exercise. That is your aim today.

When you get out onto your Spartan Race Super course, the depth of your lunges, the depth of your squats, and the depth of your push ups are what is going to be the difference in how quickly you climb up the mountain, how deep you get to pick up the Atlas stone, and whether or not your burpees are up to Spartan standards.

For those Spartans who may struggle with depth, try placing a landmark beneath an exercise to give yourself a goal to touch or something that will give you external feedback. Squatting to a bench or performing a push up to a yoga block could be the difference maker in building the confidence needed to power through an obstacle.


Dynamic Warm Up

Main Set: 

1 – Squat and Press with Pancake – 4×12 (8 RPE)

Rest 2-5 Minutes between sets.

2 – Squats – 4×10 (8 RPE)

2 – Burpees – 4×10 (8 RPE)

2 – Pancake Slams – 4×12 (7 RPE)

Rest 1-2 Minutes between each set.

3 – Lateral Split Squats – 4×12 (7 RPE)

3 – Dips – 4×10-15 (7 RPE)

  • If you are unable to perform a free-hang dip, try a bench dip by walking your feet off of a bench and extend your arms. Lower your seat towards the ground off of the bench while bending your elbows than press your body back up to its starting position.

3 – Windmill – 4×10 (7 RPE)

Rest 1-2 Minutes between each set.

4 – Single-leg  Squat – 4×12 (7 RPE)

4 – Push Ups – 4×12 (7 RPE)

Cool Down

Pull out your favorite Acumobility SPARTAN Ball or Acumobility SPARTAN Eclipse Roller. Spend anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes on each muscle, depending on tightness.

Today, you will want to release your:

  • Lats (under your shoulder blades)
  • Pecs (below the front of your shoulder socket)
  • Calfs (lower leg)
  • Hamstrings (back of upper leg)

A more advanced Spartan may also require a hip flexor releases just above your front hip bone.