4 Ways to Sleep Deep and Grow Stronger

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All high performers know that quality sleep is non-negotiable.

“If you're not sleeping enough, you can’t get better at things because that’s when you recover, grow, and improve,” former long-distance runner and two-time Olympian Ryan Hall says.

Strength Training and Sleep

During his professional running career, he would block off two hours every day from 1 to 3 p.m. and nap, and then he would sleep another eight or nine hours at night to make sure he was always at his best. These days, Ryan doesn’t require as much sleep, but he is still diligent about getting a minimum of eight high-quality hours.

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Here’s how he does it.

How to Optimize Sleep While Strength Training

Strength Training and Sleep

1. Kill all noise.

Go to sleep with ear plugs in your ears.

2. Eliminate all light.

Turn your phone off and use blackout curtains to prevent extra light from getting into your room.

3. Keep your body temperature cool.

Achieve this by turning the thermostat down to the mid-60s while you sleep.

4. Optimize your circadian rhythm.

Be sure to get out into sunlight as soon as you wake up for best results.

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