5 Tips to Train for Your First Spartan Super

5 Tips to Train for Your First Spartan Super
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Bet you’ve crushed a few Spartan Sprints, haven’t you? The first 5K was a test, then you figured out how to get faster and faster the second and third time around. Now, you’re thirsty for the next tough challenge (or simply looking to challenge yourself extra by skipping the Sprint and starting with our middle-distance race instead). We know who you are, and Spartan Coach Poppy Livers has a plan to help you train for your first 10K with 25 obstacles. Here’s how to level up your training for a Spartan Super.

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5 Tips to Master Spartan Race Training for a Super 10K

1. Stay the Course

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Since you’ve likely trained for a Sprint or a 5K, you know how important it is to make sure that every single muscle group gets its own attention.

“Keep it that way,” Coach Poppy says. "Strengthen those weaknesses and keep those strengths of yours strong. I’ve played sports my entire life, so what’s benefited me the most is always training full body. When you're going through multiple obstacles during a Super, you'll be working every muscle group."

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2. Build That Engine More

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Naturally, you’ll be facing more mileage and more obstacles in a Spartan Super. To build your endurance, Coach Poppy recommends lengthening those two to three weekly runs by a couple of miles (or 10 to 20 minutes). 

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3. Stay as Dynamic as Possible

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You never know what’s going to happen in a Spartan race, so you want to be as agile, quick, and nimble as possible.

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I really like pushing my body and doing things that will translate into any sport — like Spartan races — so that means a lot of quick movements, jumping, and changing directions,” Coach Poppy says.

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4. Keep That Core Tight

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There’s no question that a strong core is the foundation of being a great athlete, Coach Poppy says. Strong legs and a killer grip is essential for Spartan racers, but having a solid core needs to be there to round out the full package.

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“I work my core to some extent in every workout, and I believe in that habit,” he adds.

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5. Take Recovery Seriously

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When you’re crushing tough workouts, keeping an adequate, consistent sleep schedule is crucial.

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“To come back stronger, you body needs that time to rebuild," Coach Poppy says. "I always get my eight hours, no matter what.”

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