How to Train Like a Spartan in Hawaii (+ 3 Great Trails to Crush)

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How to Train Like a Spartan in Hawaii (+ 3 Great Trails to Crush)
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Trail running is one of the best ways to train for a Spartan race because the demands of trail running mimic the cardiovascular demands of an obstacle course race. According to Sergio Florian, a Hawaii-based physical therapist, every hill causes you to max out your heart rate, and then you get to recover (somewhat) on the downhills. For longer Spartan races especially, there is no substitute for incorporating trail running into your training. 

Anatomically, a separate set of muscle groups are required to climb, while another set of muscles work eccentrically to control your descent. Trail running helps develop the power needed to climb, as well as the strength to descend every hill fast. 

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Hawaii is one of the best places to train for a Spartan race. Due to the volcanic nature of the islands, there is a lot of steep terrain to work with, and it's great for incorporating "vert" (aka vertical elevation gain) into your training. Combined with the heat and humidity, Hawaii is an ideal training destination. The vert you get during a run will strengthen your legs for both ascending and descending, and the heat will tax your cardiovascular system more. It also helps that the weather is favorable all year long. 

The Top 3 Trails in Hawaii

Florian has been racing competitively for 15 years. He's a four-time XTERRA Trail Running World Championship, a three-time HURT100 finisher — he placed second overall in 2022 — and the current Oahu Perimeter Run record holder (135 miles).

So if there's anyone who knows about trail running, and trail running in Hawaii, it's him. 

The Doctor of Physical Therapy offered his top three trail runs in Hawaii, perfect for any Spartan looking to challenge themselves and get into peak race shape.

Koko Head Stairs: The climb is just under a mile, but it offers 1,000 feet of climbing and descending. People do this one multiple times for a great workout. 

Kuliouou Ridge Trail: This is a long, steep trail with a roughly 1,700-foot climb from the start of the trailhead. It's a great place to do repeats and gain vert. 

Makiki-Tantalus: These trails are home to the annual HURT100 foot race. There is lots of technical terrain, plus elevation change.

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Sergio's Advice for Spartans

When racing hard, a steady stream of calories every 30-45 minutes is needed to stay energized. Usually a gel or a caloric sports drink does the trick in between obstacles. Hydration should also not be overlooked in the Hawaiian heat. Drinking electrolytes, along with water, is very important.

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