6 Reasons to Try a Spartan Race for the First Time in 2023

6 Reasons to Try a Spartan Race for the First Time in 2023
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Chances are you know someone who runs Spartan races. They likely are the same person that’s posting on their Instagram feed early in the day, showcasing morning miles conquered and highlighting their big goals. Maybe you’ve dreamed of checking a race off of your bucket list for some time now, but need that extra shove to take the leap and sign up. 

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You don't have to be the fittest, fastest, or strongest of your friends, or the best at conquering obstacles, to run your first obstacle course race. In fact, running your first race might just indirectly turn you into all of those — and more. Here's everything you'll gain from giving your first Spartan race a go this year.

New to Obstacle Course Racing? Here's Why YOU Should Do a Spartan Race for the First Time This Year

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1. You’ll become happier.

Training for a Spartan race involves multiple days of fitness per week. All of those sweat-drenched endorphins are scientifically proven to boost your mood. According to recent research, those who exercise have fewer days of poor mental health per month than individuals who did not  The same study shows that three to five training sessions, each lasting between 30 to 60 minutes, are ideal per week.

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2. You’ll meet some new friends. 

Whether it’s on a long run around your neighborhood or in one of our Spartan Facebook groups, there’s no doubt that you’ll come across some rad people gearing up for a race. When you share common interests with others, it’s a great icebreaker for deeper relationships. 

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3. You’ll unlock your true potential.

Of course, there are loads of health and overall wellbeing benefits to getting your heart rate up. It can also unlock your potential in other areas of your life, including at the office, according to research. In a study of more than 200 people, employees' experiences drastically changed on the days they worked out versus the ones they did not. They reported managing their time more effectively, being more productive, and having smoother interactions with their colleagues. 

4. You’ll be inspired to eat healthier.

While we can’t come into your home and rid the cabinets of junk food, there is a high possibility that pulling the trigger on your first race registration will encourage you to look at your eating habits as well. Plain and simple: Training just feels better when you’re fueling your body with high-quality, whole foods (and generally sticking to a plant-based meal plan).

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5. You’ll get hooked on being your best self.

Once you integrate Spartan racing and training into your everyday routine, you’ll live an overall more healthy lifestyle. With activity comes great health benefits, including reducing the risk of diseases such as cancer and diabetes, according to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

6. It can help you keep off unwanted fat.

The upped activity that comes with registering for a race can definitely play a part in someone’s weight loss efforts. It also plays a greater role in promoting long-term weight loss compared to one's diet, according to University of Colorado's research. Experts found that those who successfully maintained a weight loss of more than 30 pounds for over a year relied on regular exercise, as opposed to a dietary restriction, in order to avoid gaining the pounds back. 

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