9 Ways That High-Performing Spartan Moms Crush It on the Course

9 Ways That High-Performing Spartan Moms Crush It on the Course
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To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, the Spartan Training team is highlighting nine high-performing Spartan moms, along with some of their best advice for making the podium or getting back out there and crushing it after taking some time away from the course.

How Spartan Moms Crush It Out on the Course

Alexandra Walker

Include Your Kids in Your Workouts

“When your kids are really young, you can push them in a stroller," she says. "As they get older, put them on a bike. And once they are in their teens, they can run with you. Getting those workouts in no matter what will help you manage your stress and make you a happier mom."

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Walker has completed 82 Spartan races and finished in fourth place in the 2021 U.S. National Series.

Brooke Bowen

Keep Your Training as a Priority

“You can't pour from an empty cup, so make it a priority to take time for yourself and exercise,” she says. “Wake up before the family, or get it done when the kids go to school or to bed at night."

Bowen has completed 42 Spartan races, has five first-place Age Group wins, and won first place in the 40-44 Age Group at the 2019 Spartan World Championship.

Emilee Stevens

Roll With the Punches During a Comeback

"Don’t compare your recovery or progress to anyone else," she says. “You and your needs are unique, and so are your recovery and fitness, so do your best to have patience with progress and forgiveness when fitness doesn’t seem to be matching your schedule.”

Stevens has completed 75 Spartan races and has made 10 podiums as an Elite.

Faye Morgan

Have a Plan on Paper

“Print out a three-month calendar and pencil in your training runs," Morgan recommends. "Opt for one long run, one hill or speed day, one tempo session, and one easy short shakeout as a good jumping-off point, plus strength sessions — pick two to three days for strength or obstacle work — mobility sessions, and even rest days.

“Having this plan on paper and where you will see it (the fridge, garage gym, bathroom mirror) will be a daily visual reminder of what’s on tap, which will help you stick to the plan."

Morgan ran her first Spartan race in her hometown of Temecula, C.A. in 2011, and has raced in over 90 Spartan races since, including 35 Elite podium finishes.

Heather Gollnick

Be Your Own Cheerleader

Talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend,” she says. “It doesn’t matter if you have never done something before. Keep making progress, keep showing up, and keep becoming your best self."

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Gollnick — the first Spartan over the age of 50 to win an Elite event — has several podiums, and completed her 100th race in April 2022.

Jill Griffiths

Always Have a Goal and Take Things in Strides

“It’s okay if hard days happen and you can’t fit everything in," she says. "Just let it pass, and get right back to it the next day. Having a race goal is so motivating — especially after having kids — and sometimes just having a goal like that is all it takes to light the fire again."

Griffiths has completed over 30 Spartan races and has five top-five Elite finishes and 10 top-10 Elite finishes. She was also ranked 15th in the Elite female National Series races in 2021.

Morgan McKay

Follow the Spartan Mindset

“For me, one of the biggest tips that I can give to get back into racing or to try a race for the first time is to go in with a positive mindset,” she says. “I think it’s truly important to understand why you want to do the race and remind yourself of those reasons over and over."

"This will motivate you through your training day in and day out and — more importantly — while you're out there on course if and when things get tough."

McKay has completed over 30 Spartan races and podiumed eight times.

Natalie Miano

Commit, Commit, and Commit More

“This will give you something to get excited about, help you stay motivated, and keep you accountable,” she says. “When the day doesn’t go as planned or when you are feeling tired and just can’t see yourself getting out the door for a workout, knowing you have a race around the corner will help push you to get something in toward your goal."

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Miano has completed 60 races and has podiumed 36 times.

Olga Torres

Treat Yourself Well at All Costs

“Both running and strength training are very important, not only for getting through the obstacles and the race, but also for preventing injuries,” she says. “Also, make sure that you are fueling your body well, too. Drink plenty of water and eat your vegetables, fruit, whole grains, protein, and healthy fats.”

Torres has competed in over 30 Spartan races and has podiumed four times.

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