These New Spartan FIT Programs Will Totally Transform Your Body

These New Spartan FIT Programs Will Totally Transform Your Body

Whether you’re looking to get started with a new fitness regimen or you just really want to step up your already epic fitness game, the all-new Spartan FIT Programs in the Spartan FIT app are here to get you closer to your goal every day.

Located at the bottom of the app navigation, you’ll find our Programs tab. Inside are three main categories: Strength, Race Readiness, and New Programs.

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You choose how many days per week you’d like to train, and our coaches will take care of the rest.

Program Previews

Want to get stronger fast? Our strength programs are designed specifically to help you do just that. There’s no doubt you’ll see gains week over week. 

Try our 3-day-per-week Strength Builder 1.0 program.

Looking to compete? Of course you are. Our race readiness programs are crafted with the aspiring racer in mind. These programs are the secret sauce of strength, conditioning, and skill. 

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Try our 4-day-per-week Get Race Ready program.

We’ve got plenty more in development, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out our latest and greatest by tapping the Programs button in the app navigation.

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