Spartan Beast Training Plan: Day 8 - Pulling

Spartan Beast Training Plan: Day 8 - Pulling
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Week 1 is always the toughest, Spartan. Congratulations on making it through. You are now committed and well on your way to becoming a Beast.

This week, we’ll take the foundation we built last week, and add significant strength. Our weight should be increasing while our repetitions decrease. You will aim for the same level of Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE), but you should be reaching that rate much sooner in a set. This will be our theme for the week.

Today, we pull.


This workout is designed in supersets. Complete each exercise in corresponding number once before beginning back at the start of the set. Adequate sets, repetitions, and intervals are listed based on the aim of each exercise.


Dynamic Warm Up

Main Set: 

1 – Dead Hang to Pull Up – 5×5 with 12 second hold  (RPE 8)

1 – Bear Crawl – 5x:30 (RPE 8)

Minimize your rest between exercises. 0-30 Seconds Max.

2 – Dead Lift – 5×6 (RPE 8-9)

2 – Bent Over Row – 5×6 (RPE 8-9)

2 – Single Arm Farmers Carry Uphill – 5x150m (RPE 8-9)

Rest: 30 seconds between sets

3 – Walking Lunge with Goblet Hold – 5×6 (RPE 8-9)

3 – Hip Lift Pull-Over – 5×6 (RPE 8-9)

3 – Body Saw – 5×6 (RPE 8-9)

Rest: 30 seconds between sets

Burn Out

  1. Sprint 100 m (RPE 9)
  2. Hanging Leg Raise x8 (RPE 8-9)
  3. Bucket Carry 100 m (RPE 8-9)

Perform 4 Sets. If possible, do not rest between sets.

Cool Down

Foam Roll any muscles you feel excessive soreness or tightness.

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