Spartan Beast Training Plan: Day 2 - HIIT

Spartan Beast Training Plan: Day 2 - HIIT
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The Spartan Race Beast is the longest distance in the Spartan Trifecta series, and you'll need use both strength and cardio workouts to conquer it. When covering a longer distance, you will need to push your speed longer, further. Today, in our Spartan Beast Training Plan, we will begin increasing our short-duration speed through this cardio workout.

In this High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio workout, we will work acceleration and deceleration with sprinting. Push yourself through these intervals. Focus on your toughness and your determination. This is where our HIIT starts getting tough, but remember, the Beast will be tougher.

Spartan Beast Training Plan: Cardio Workout


Dynamic Warm Up

Main Set:

5-minute jog (6-7 RPE)

20 Rounds:

  • :30 Jog (7-8 RPE)
  • :30 Sprint (9 RPE)
  • :30 Jog (7-8 RPE)
  • :30 Rest (0-3 RPE)

Finishing with one final sprint interval instead of rest

2-minute cooldown jog (7 RPE)

*Sprint and Jog is a relative term. Perform any cardio that can be done at as a sprint and as a steady state level. On your rest, you can come to a complete rest or you can challenge yourself to maintain a walk/ slow pace.

Cool Down:

Foam Roll any muscles you feel excessive soreness or tightness in post-cardio workout.

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