How to Master the Rope Climb Without Climbing a Rope

How to Master the Rope Climb Without Climbing a Rope
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Training at home has never been more important — and it’s never been easier! Here, we'll be taking you through our inventory and explaining how to use each piece of equipment efficiently and effectively. Today’s piece of equipment: the climbing Rope. To browse our collection in the Spartan store, click here.

The Climbing Rope: What Is It?

Similar to the rope you’ll see out on the course, the Spartan Climbing Rope is a great way to get some reps in and become 100 percent comfortable with the obstacle that leaves a ton of people in the burpee pit. It's not just for mastering the Rope Climb, though. The Spartan Climbing Rope is also a great tool for improving crush-grip strength, core strength, pulling strength, and overall conditioning.

The rope is most versatile if you have an anchor point somewhere up high. And, for this workout specifically, we’re going to run through a ton of exercises that don’t involve climbing it.

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Master the Rope Climb With This Workout

For this workout, you will need a high anchor point, like a tree limb or another trusted ceiling anchor. This will work best when the rope is directly perpendicular to the ground, just as you’d see at a race. We have two circuits that are going to work your crush grip and core on an entirely new level.

Evaluate how you feel after one round. If you feel great and are able to keep your form, continue on. If your form starts to falter, decrease the amount of reps, and possibly the amount of total rounds. Focus on quality over quantity every single time! Enjoy!

Circuit 1

Perform three rounds, with 60 seconds of rest between rounds.

Eccentric Pull-Up: 10 reps

Instructions: Grip the rope up high, jump up, and hold tightly. Slowly lower yourself to the ground, and then repeat. You are only focusing on the downward movement. Don’t waste energy pulling yourself up for this exercise. A box to stand on, to start the exercise, also helps.

Plank Tricep Extension: 10 reps

Instructions: Perform this exercise with your knees fully extended, or with your knees on the ground. Find the end of the rope and pull it away from the anchor point, Perform tricep extensions with your hands gripping the rope over your head. After five reps, switch your top hand to keep the focus spread between both triceps.

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Offset Plank: 30 seconds each side

Instructions: Begin in a push-up position. Grab the rope with one hand while your other hand remains flat on the ground. Hold this position for over 30 seconds, then switch arms.

Circuit 2

Perform three rounds, with 60 seconds of rest between rounds.

Assisted Single-Leg Squat: 5 reps each side

Instructions: Stand tall next to the vertical rope. Grip the rope with both hands and squat down with one leg while you lower yourself using the rope. Push back up using the rope for assistance. Try your best to keep the focus on your legs and don’t fully rely on the rope to push yourself back up.

Upper-Body Elevated Plank: 60 seconds

Instructions: Stand tall next to the vertical rope, grip it, and walk yourself down the rope — with your hands — to your comfort level while keeping your body fully erect. Hold the plank position for at least 15 seconds