5 Resistance Band Exercises to Blast You Into Peak Shape

5 Resistance Band Exercises to Blast You Into Peak Shape
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HIIT is one of the most efficient training methods out there, and with our ever-changing schedules and commitments, it's more pivotal to your fitness, performance, and mental health than ever.

“With fitness, it’s important to constantly assess and reassess our habits,” explains Spartan SGX L2 coach Anthony Passamonte, C.S.C.S. “To see the whole picture—and create a roadmap to get from where we are to where we want to be—we have to look at underlying issues and what’s standing in our way.” 

Maybe it’s a lack of accountability to yourself, trying to power through workouts you don’t really like, or having trouble determining your best goals, he says.

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Passamonte created this handy workout to help you get back in the groove and regain your passion, clarity, and momentum. 

All you need is 15 minutes, a few feet of floor space (no gym required), and a cost- and space-efficient mini looped resistance band. We recommend the Spartan resistance loop; it comes in varying levels of resistance, but “medium” is great for overall versatility.

Perform each exercise for 60 seconds, then repeat for a total of five rounds and 15 minutes. You can rest for a few seconds between rounds, if needed, but this resistance band workout is designed to rest certain muscle groups while working others—the utmost in HIIT efficiency.

The Ultimate Resistance Band Workout

Lateral Band Walks

lateral band walk

Loop a band around your calves and stand with a slight bend in your knees. Step to the side, together, and then to the opposite side. Repeat back and forth.

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Diagonal Squat Kickbacks

lateral band squat

Loop a band around your calves and stand with a slight bend in your knees. Kick one leg diagonally back and to your side. Pause, bring your feet back together, and repeat. Halfway through, switch legs.

Star Jump Squat

band star jump

Loop a band around your calves and lower into a quarter squat. Spring up as high as possible and jack your arms and legs out diagonally from your body to form a star in the air. Land back in the squat and repeat.

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Lateral Bear Crawl

bear crawl

Get on the floor on all fours and loop a band around your forearms (optional: loop another band around your ankles). Brace your core to lift your knees just off of the floor. Keeping your knees raised, walk your hands and feet to one side, then the other. 

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Shoulder Press

shoulder press

Hold both ends of a band in front of your shoulders. Press one hand diagonally up and over to one side of your body. Pause, then slowly lower to start, and repeat. Halfway through, switch arms.

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