Multi-Rig Tutorial: Essential Tips and Tricks

Multi-Rig Tutorial: Essential Tips and Tricks
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For this week's Multi-rig tutorial we've got two videos for you watch.

First is an overview of the obstacles as a whole. Familiarity is crucial. Don't be surprised by the strange combinations of grips that you will face—be prepared.

Overview of Obstacle

Rings, bars, balls on rope. These are three key handholds you will be dealing with.

Pick a lane - There are different height considerations that can be made. But don't stress, they are ultimately the same.

Grip strength - This is a long obstacle in terms of supporting your entire body weight with your hand grip. It's serious. You are going far from A to B, and you are hanging like the ninja you are.

Dealing with Mud

Also, most likely, the Multi-Rig is going to be covered in mud (if you are not doing a Stadion race).  So take a minute to recognize this reality, and have a checklist of things you can do to give you the best chance of beating this obstacle and sparing yourself 30 burpees. That's the second video you should watch.

Tips for Dealing with Mud:

  1. Use the grass wipe mud off you.
  2. Use rocks to scrape mud off you
  3. Look for cleanest path ahead. 

Training for the Multi-Rig

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