Monkey Bars Tutorial and Tips

Monkey Bars Tutorial and Tips
Presented by Spartan Training®

This monkey bar tutorial will give you the basics. However, there is no substitute for experience. Get to a nearby playground ASAP and go ape. There are no excuses.

How to Get in the Swing:

1. Commit. The sooner you get across the monkey bars the sooner you can let go. In other words, if you get moving you don't need to hold on as long. Get moving forward and commit, using the momentum of your confident start to get you across fast.

2. Swing big. From the minute you grab the first bar and leave the starting platform let your feet be the pendulum that swings you forward. Create that momentum and reach far with the other hand. Maybe you can skip a bar.

3. Dry your hands. Take a minute to wipe your hands off if they are wet and muddy. Use your clothes. If you clothes are muddy, use the grass. Try and get your hands clear of water and mud before you grab those bars --- that, yes, might be wet and muddy.

4. Visualize. Try and emulate a graceful monkey taking a leisurely swing through the trees. Just do your best. Don't feel silly. Just tap in with your long, long ancestry.

5. Have burpee confidence. Know that 30 burpees won't kill you, but will make you stronger. Really. You won't be in panic mode about failing the monkey bars. Give it your best. Do your burpees. Life goes on. Get back to racing.

6. Gloves? That's up to you. Know your options. Racers are notoriously divided on this issue. Whatever you decide, make sure you  use them in practice before race day.

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