The At-Home Strength Band Workout for Your Legs

The At-Home Strength Band Workout for Your Legs

Resistance bands have quickly emerged as the most effective, versatile fitness equipment in the industry. SGX coaches use them in their fitness classes in place of traditional weights; physical therapists use them to add a variable of resistance to muscle activations while rehabbing injuries; and fitness enthusiasts use them to add either assistance or resistance to their most effective lifts. 

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Whether you’re adjusting to at-home workouts with little-to-no equipment, or you’re a frequent traveler with limited access to a traditional gym, resistance bands are the easiest and most cost-effective tool to keep with you in order to keep your fitness training consistent. They’re easy to bring with you wherever you go and they take up minimal room. Resistance bands come in a variety of strengths, allowing for individuals of all skill and strength levels a safe alternative to traditional weight equipment. 

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The SPARTAN Strength Bands: What Are They?

As opposed to weights and other traditional strength equipment, these resistance bands can be utilized to mimic exercises for every muscle group. Because of the variable resistance, they will engage the core, recruiting the full kinetic chain with each exercise. This turns a traditional singular muscle group exercise into a total body exercise. Essentially, your body will not be able to perform any movement with a resistance band, unless the core is activated. This helps to eliminate compensations and biomechanical imbalances.

In this six-part series, we are showing you how to target each specific muscle group with SPARTAN Strength Bands. You will target a different grouping of muscles each day. At the end of this series, you will be able to put together a full six-day training program.

The Strength Band Legs Workout

Welcome back to workout three of our six-part SPARTAN Strength Bands workout program. We will be going over exercises specific to leg training.

For today’s workout, you will learn innovative ways to add resistance bands to your leg workouts while focusing on eccentric strength and injury prevention techniques. This workout requires a step or a box.

Overhead Squat (3x6)

Assisted Pistol Squats (3x8)

Split Squats (3x8)

Step Ups (3x8)

Step Downs with Lateral Resistance (3x10)

Leg Lowering (3x10)

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