Build Absolute Power With Trevor Franklin's 3-Day Kettlebell Program

Build Absolute Power With Trevor Franklin's 3-Day Kettlebell Program
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If you’re new to training with kettlebells or want to start integrating them more into your existing routine, this is the program for you. Kettlebells not only require strength, but a lot of skill, Spartan Master Coach Trevor Franklin says. 

“I would say that this program is my general script for training with bells,” Trevor says. “In these three days, you're going to be heavily challenged with the basics, but it’s also programmed to be safe and progressive." 

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In each workout, you’ll perform a combination of slow, controlled movements and explosive movements.

“This is the best way to generate absolute strength and absolute power, and to understand what that feels like,” he says.

Take the guesswork out of training with kettlebells by committing to the 3 Days of Bells program. You’ll build strength, power, endurance, and the ability to swing, squat, and lunge with confidence.

How It Works

The 3 Days of Bells program includes three primary workouts: A lower-body routine that revolves around squats, deadlifts, and lunges; an upper-body routine that involves a lot of push-ups, overhead presses, and snatches; and an intense full-body circuit routine that centers around swings, cleans, and squats. This weekly combination of a lower-, upper-, and full-body routines will ensure that the strength, power, and endurance that you build will be well-rounded and balanced.


Here’s how we suggest following 3 Days of Bells in a week:

Monday: Lower body — Squats of Fire

Tuesday: Active recovery

Wednesday: Upper body — DELTS

Thursday: Light bodyweight workout of your choice

Friday: Rest 

Saturday: Full body — The Will Breaker

Sunday: Rest

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The Spartan Kettlebell of Choice

If you don't have any kettlebells at home, now is the time to stock up. Our kettlebell of choice is the Cast Iron Kettlebell from Titan Fitness. What we particularly love about this kettlebell is it's Spartan-like durability. We've thrown them in trucks, dropped them in the office and in the gym without a nick or dent to be found. They're a high quality piece of equipment at an affordable price. 

The Workouts

Squats of Fire With Trevor Franklin (Lower Body)

In this 20-minute lower body-focused kettlebell workout with Coach Trevor, you'll build strength and power while testing skill with advancing progressions.

Circuit 1 — 3 Rounds (60 seconds on, 30 seconds off)

— Kettlebell goblet squat

Circuit 2 — 3 Rounds (60 seconds on, 30 seconds off)

 — Kettlebell deadlift

Circuit 3 — 3 Rounds (30 seconds on, 30 seconds between rounds)

— Kettlebell goblet squat

Bodyweight jump squat

Rest — 30 seconds

 — Kettlebell deadlift

— Jump lunge

Rest — 30 seconds

DELTS With Trevor Franklin (Upper Body)

In this 20-minute upper body kettlebell and bodyweight workout with Coach Trevor, you'll perform a series of intervals that target your shoulders and arms.

Circuit 1 — 1 Round (30 seconds on, 0 seconds off, 60 seconds between rounds)

— Shoulder press 

— Eccentric push-ups

Circuit 2 — 1 Round (30 seconds on, 0 seconds off, 90 seconds between rounds)

— Kettlebell snatch 

— Plank shoulder taps

Circuit 3 — 10-minute AMRAP (Add 1 press and 1 snatch every round)

— Clean to press 

— Kettlebell snatch 

The Will Breaker With Trevor Franklin (Full Body)

In this 20-minute advanced kettlebell workout with Coach Trevor, you'll challenge your full-body strength and conditioning with fundamental movements for varying lengths of time.

The Moves — Complete 1 Round. 

— 30-second kettlebell swing

— 30-second kettlebell clean

— 30-second kettlebell squat

1-minute rest

— 1-minute single-leg deadlift 

— 1-minute break

— 1-minute kettlebell swing

— 1-minute kettlebell clean

— 1-minute kettlebell squat

1-minute rest

— 1-minute RDL with row

1-minute rest

— 90-second kettlebell swing

— 90-second kettlebell clean

— 90-second kettlebell squat

1-minute rest