The Best GPS and Heart Rate Watches for Spartan Races

The Best GPS and Heart Rate Watches for Spartan Races
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These days, we’re as connected as it gets. Checking your text messages in the shower? Maybe not exactly essential. But when it comes to working out? Connectivity can be a really great thing. The right GPS sports watch can do everything from track calories burned and time spent to provide you with stride length and accurate heart rate readings. Which is a great thing for an obstacle racing fan looking to track improvements and data both on and off the course. Choose a GPS sports watch from the recs below to help push toward your next personal best.

Suunto Spartan Trainer GPS Sports Watch

Arguably the best feature on the Spartan Trainer is the automatic breadcrumb view, which uses GPS navigation to make sure you can always find your way back to where you started. Use its 10 hours of battery life (in training mode; that number jumps to 30 hours in power save mode) to crush through even the toughest adventures (and courses!) without stopping to recharge. ($195.30,

Garmin Forerunner 945

Think of this pick, which falls on the higher end of the price spectrum, as the Cadillac version of a GPS sports watch. It offers everything from performance monitoring—complete with V02 max and training status with adjustments for heat, altitude, and acclimation status—to Garmin Pay for contactless payments. Read: You’re about to be that person who never takes it off. Which, by the way, is totally cool, since the watch will last for up to 60 hours on one charge. ($599;

Fitbit Versa

With 15+ different sport modes, the Versa is ready to follow you into the pool, on a hike, and into yoga class (for starters). Plus, you can use it to jam out. This GPS sports watch stores and plays 300+ songs, which means now is as good of a time as ever to work on your playlist game. A little Springsteen for next weekend’s long training run, perhaps? ($199.95;

Coros Apex GPS Sports Watch

An altimeter, barometer, and up to 30 days of usage without a charge? Sign. Us. Up. This pick from Coros comes complete with a digital knob on the top right corner, which makes it really easy to navigate from the menu to data screens even when the elements aren’t on your side. ($349.97;

Timex Ironman GPS Silicone Strap Watch

For the price point, this Timex is basic but super reliable. Users can connect to GPS for stats like speed, distance, and pace in real-time, and even take it in for a swim up to 50 meters deep. And the best part? They’ve made GPS connectivity super seamless, with satellite location assistance to get you up and out on the road before you lose the motivation (been there, felt that). ($94.86;