Do This Workout: Get Better or Get Beat With Poppy Livers

Do This Workout: Get Better or Get Beat With Poppy Livers
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One dumbbell — that’s all you need for this one. And in about 45 minutes you’ll have finished one of your BEST workouts yet with the help of Poppy Livers on the Spartan FIT app. In Get Better or Get Beat, you’ve got two objectives: mirroring his form is the first, and trying to keep up with his pace is the next. He’s very quick and efficient, but it’s fun to try and compete with that.

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You’ll start with a warm-up. It’s quick, to the point, a lot of dynamic movement, and very athletic in nature. What you’ll most likely appreciate from this warm-up is the world’s greatest stretch, right into knee tucks. Those hips of yours will be feeling nice and primed after flowing through that. The skips also really get the heart going.

The Workout

The workout itself is a series of 4 circuits. Each circuit is two or three exercises for 30 seconds each.

Circuit One

Full-Body Circuit Workouts

Circuit One is a combination of lower-body, upper-body, and core work. The reverse lunge and overhead press is the most interesting move here. When going from round to round, these really set the stage for the entire circuit. Your legs are being tested, then your core and shoulders are challenged when the press comes into play. There’s also an element of balance here, which adds to the challenge.

A memorable cue in this first circuit is to find your pace ASAP. Livers says for every rep, take a breath.

Circuit Two

Circuit Two hits the upper body and core, but the core can really take the brunt of the work. The four-point row is the lynchpin of this one. You can do it with your knees on the ground, or — if you want to make it a lot tougher — lift your knees slightly. Now add a dumbbell row. And there’s a key cue with these: Try not to rotate on the row. Way harder, trust us.

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Circuit Three

Circuit Three is definitely a lot of lower body and core. (Are you noticing the core theme here?) It will challenge your cardio too. The lateral lunge and knee drive are what make this one, but combining it with lateral jumps makes it extra tough.

Circuit Four

Full-Body Circuit Workouts

The fourth and final circuit is mostly an upper body push and core workout. The dumbbell single-arm floor press starts things off, then you’re going to flip over into dumbbell pull-throughs with a push-up. You’ve probably seen the dumbbell pull-through from the plank position, but now you throw a push-up in there. It’s a nice touch of toughness.

After all is said and done in Circuit Four, your chest, shoulders, and triceps will be SHOT. Good luck using them later. And after the three previous circuits, everything should be shot at this point.

Cool Down

Finally, you move into the cool down. You’ll do a hip flexor stretch, hamstring stretch, pigeon stretch, some downward dog foot peddling, sumo squats, arm circles, and trunk rotations. 

Get Better or Get Beat with Poppy Livers is one you’ve got to try. Let’s go!

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