Spartan FIT Coach Q&A: Monique Berarducci Will Give You a Mental Strategy for Your Training

Spartan FIT Coach Q&A: Monique Berarducci Will Give You a Mental Strategy for Your Training
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In this Spartan Fit franchise, we sit down with our Spartan FIT Coaches to get their best fitness advice and discover what makes them tick. Next up: Monique Berarducci—she’ll help you unleash your physical potential 

Monique Berarducci describes herself as a mental savage with a “never give up” approach. “I believe in focusing on your mental strategy every day, with everything you do,” she says. That’s the mindset instilled in her at a young age—one that she’s applied throughout her athletic career as a gymnast, cheerleader, and then a Division 1 scholarship track athlete at University of Tennessee. (She also applied it in her career in wine sales, which she says is responsible for her success.)

Now, the 37-year-old lives in Brooklyn and is a Master SoulCycle instructor and Spartan FIT Master Coach. And she wants to pass her philosophy and passion on: “I have energy that I love to give other people in hopes that it helps them find another gear,” she says. 

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See what it’s like to train with Monique for yourself. Her workouts are live on the Spartan Fit app. But first, get to know her more here. 

Q&A with Fitness Coach Monique Berarducci

Fitness Coach Monique Berarducci

On Training, Performance & Fitness Philosophy

SPARTAN RACE: What’s your training philosophy?

MONIQUE BERARDUCCI: Fitness is first and foremost a mental choice, so you need to understand someone's WHY. I believe understanding people at their core helps coach them better. Also, using mental cues throughout training is essential for me. It is always more than physical. Our emotional needs as humans come through when we train. When you tap into those, a human's physical potential is unleashed. 

SR: What about when it comes to nutrition? 

MB: Typically, I eat mostly vegetables, fish, and weekly steak. I used to be a vegetarian and a vegan too, but I find that being more well-rounded works for me. It's a personal preference. I take vitamins and supplements based on my personal needs. I think it is important to find out what each person needs individually. Hydration is something I work on daily, and is so crucial. I use a Hydroflask to make sure I get in three liters a day. I had a terrible kidney issue that hospitalized me in June 2020 and I will never take hydration for granted again.

SR: What inspires you? 

MB: Community. 

Having a purpose every day. 

My family.

The ability to keep getting stronger and wiser as we grow older. 

Pushing my own limits as a woman.

SR: What trends do you see bubbling in fitness?

MB: The only trend I like is functional training and real people doing real things. I love the recovery aspect that some are now focused on. I think rest and recovery are essential to progress.

On The Mental Game & Recovery

Fitness Coach Monique Berarducci

SR: How do you work on your mental fitness?  

MB: All of these things impact my mental fitness: regular therapy, meditation, journaling, breath work, gratitude lists, practicing boundaries, and many days of self-love.

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SR: What does a recovery day look like for you? 

MB: Loads of sleep, water, foam rolling, stretching, a really lovely pot of homemade red sauce and a very horizontal day. Honestly, it's not always just a day, it's naps between classes and training, always drinking water, eating three good meals a day, physical therapy, the chiropractor, and stretching. Recovery is a part of my lifestyle; without it my performance as an athlete would suffer.

SR: What does being Spartan FIT mean to you?

MB: Spartan FIT means being an athlete, which all humans are. It means we are well-rounded physical beings training for everyday life in the best way we can. Plus, it means showing up and doing something every day that makes us better humans. 

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