Spartan FIT Coach Q&A: Evan Betts Will Help You Perform At Your Highest Level

Spartan FIT Coach Q&A: Evan Betts Will Help You Perform At Your Highest Level
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In this Spartan Fit franchise, we sit down with our Spartan FIT Coaches to get their best fitness advice and discover what makes them tick. First up: Evan Betts—this former college athlete is all about sport-specific training. 

Originally from Michigan, Evan Betts has certainly “made it” in the New York City fitness industry. A founding trainer of three of the most disruptive fitness spaces in New York—Grit BXNG, Performix House, and Tone House—Evan has also been on the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine and was featured as the fitness contributor to Cosmopolitan magazine in the 2017 TV show So Cosmo

Get to know Evan in the Q&A below, and train with him on the Spartan Fit app. 

Q&A with Fitness Coach Evan Betts 

On Training, Performance & Fitness Philosophy

SPARTAN RACE: What’s your training philosophy?

EVAN BETTS: I’m an ex-college athlete so my training philosophy has always been centered around being a high performing, functional human being. Second, compete! With yourself or an idea. Finally, train for your sport. Whether your sport is OCR racing or swimming, train your niche along with general strength training.

SR: What about when it comes to nutrition?

EB: I think everyone is different, and everyone needs to fuel themselves for what they’re trying to achieve. If you’re an Olympic swimmer, you’re probably eating 12,000 calories a day to stay fueled up for the miles and miles you’re swimming per day. If you’re a golfer, you probably only need 2500 calories a day. Don’t get caught up in fads and misinformation. Fuel your body to perform at your best.

Fitness Coach Evan Betts

SR: What inspires you?

EB: The idea that our body can take on stress, adapt to the stressor, and improve. How cool is it that we can improve on our volition?

SR: If there was one thing you could change about the fitness industry, what would it be?

EB: Probably all of the "get in shape" quick weight loss scams. We know the only way to achieve the body you want is through hard work, consistency, and a diet that compliments your goals.

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On The Mental Game & Recovery

SR: How do you work on your mental fitness?

EB: Spending time with friends of mine who are “high achievers” and “doers” honestly keeps me mentally fit. I stay motivated around these friends and we’re able to encourage and lift each other up.

Fitness Coach Evan Betts

SR: What does a recovery day look like for you?

EB: A lonely Sunday haha. I just want to be home by myself, not talk to anyone, lay on my couch, and relax. A glass of wine, a good movie or book, and I’m set.

SR: What trends do you see bubbling in fitness?

EB: Bringing the coach home to you while creating a global community that you connect with. I think this is something Spartan is doing really well right now too. We do the thinking while the user does the work.

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SR: What does being Spartan FIT mean to you?

EB: One of my favorite movies in high school was 300, starring Gerrard Butler. It symbolized being in peak physical condition, having [a] savage level of confidence and an acute killer instinct. I take those same ideals and think about them often when I train, and that’s what being Spartan FIT is to me.

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