5 of the Best Fat-Burning Workouts

5 of the Best Fat-Burning Workouts
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There’s no question that HIIT workouts, or high-intensity interval training, are some of the best fat-burning workouts out there. These five workouts will throttle your heart rate up and down, crank up your body’s metabolism, and turn you into a fat-burning machine.

When you work out at high intensities, you quickly deplete your oxygen stores, and your muscles build up lactic acid. After a workout, your body then attempts to build back those oxygen stores and clear the lactic acid in a process known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

Research shows that the EPOC process – or “after-burn” effect – can elevate your metabolism for several hours after a workout, helping your body scorch fat.

Do these five fat-burning workouts three to four days per week to accelerate your metabolism and experience the after burn.

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5 Fat-Burning Workouts

1. Cue the Cardio

This is a full-body workout focused on high-tempo, cardio-based exercises. This workout will increase your stamina as well as your overall strength. 

The Circuit x 5

— Jump rope x 45 seconds

— Mountain climbers x 45 seconds

— Lunge jumps x 45 seconds

2. Crank

This full-body workout is designed to get your heart rate through the roof without traditional cardio. Composed of fast-paced bodyweight movements, this fat-burning workout will keep you on your toes. 

The Circuit x 5

— Superman x 45 seconds

— Around the world plank x 45 seconds

— Lateral squat x 45 seconds

— Lunge jumps x 45 seconds

3. Zero Rest

Fast-paced and high-tempo, this fat-burning workout is designed to bring you to the peak of your cardiovascular limits with bodyweight exercises.

The Circuit x 5

— Jumping jacks x 45 seconds

— Burpee x 30 seconds

— Flings x 45 seconds

— Lunge jumps x 30 seconds

— High knee sprint x 45 seconds

4. Tempo

Test your limits with this tough full-body conditioning workout.

The Circuit x 5

— Kettlebell swing x 45 seconds

— Plyo push-up x 30 seconds

— Bent-over row x 45 seconds

5. Level Up

This all-out conditioning workout will crush your legs, burn fat, and challenge your grit.

The Circuit x 5

— Jump rope x 30 seconds

— Squat jump tap x 30 seconds

— High knee sprint x 45 seconds

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