5 High-Intensity Workouts That SCORCH Fat

5 High-Intensity Workouts That SCORCH Fat

There’s no question that HIIT workouts, or high-intensity interval training, are one of the best ways to accelerate fat loss. Throttling your heart rate up and down cranks up your body’s metabolism and turns you into a fat-burning machine

When we work out at high intensities, something we can’t sustain for long periods of time, we deplete our oxygen stores and our muscles quickly build up lactic acid. After exercise, our body then attempts to build those oxygen stores back up and clear the lactic acid. This process is known as EPOC, or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. There’s supporting research that shows that the EPOC process can elevate our metabolism for several hours after a workout — some call this the “after-burn” effect.

Try working a few of the following routines in three to four days per week to see real progress. For video demos and more programming, check out FULL THROTTLE on the Spartan FIT app.

FULL THROTTLE: HIIT Workouts That Will Burn Fat

Cue the Cardio

This is a full-body workout focused on high-tempo, cardio-based exercises. This workout will increase your stamina as well as your overall strength. 

Featured Circuit

— Jump rope x 45 seconds

— Mountain climbers x 45 seconds

— Lunge jumps x 45 seconds



This full-body workout is designed to get your heart rate through the roof without traditional cardio. Composed of fast-paced bodyweight movements, this workout will keep you on your toes! 

Featured Circuit

— Superman x 45 seconds

— Around the world plank x 45 seconds

— Lateral squat x 45 seconds

— Lunge jumps x 45 seconds


No Rest for the Spartan

Fast-paced and high-tempo, this workout is designed to bring you to the peak of your cardiovascular limits with bodyweight exercises.

Featured Circuit

— Jumping jacks x 45 seconds

— Burpee x 30 seconds

— Flings x 45 seconds

— Lunge jumps x 30 seconds

— High knee sprint x 45 seconds



Test your limits with this tough full-body conditioning workout.

Featured Circuit

— Kettlebell swing x 45 seconds

— Plyo push-up x 30 seconds

— Bent-over row x 45 seconds


Level Up

This all-out conditioning workout will crush your legs and challenge your grit.

Featured Circuit

— Jump rope x 30 seconds

— Squat jump tap x 30 seconds

— High knee sprint x 45 seconds


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