The 7-Day Body Redesign Training Program

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If you’re committed to redesigning your body and performing more optimally, but you’re not seeing progress as quickly as you should, a few slight training modifications can be the key to achieving life-changing body recomposition and smashing through fitness plateaus.

It doesn't matter if you're preparing for a Spartan race, Tough Mudder, or DEKA event, one of the most important things you can do to be as unbreakable as possible is to integrate variety and new challenges into your routine.

Let’s say that you’ve been training consistently for a significant amount of time, but have found that your progress has stalled. A slight tweak here or modification there could be just what you need to break a plateau or strengthen an area that’s lagging. 

If you’ve noticed your steady progress has started slowing (or you just want to experiment with something different), change the way you train by following the 7-Day Body Redesign Training Program below.

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How the 7-Day Body Redesign Training Program Works

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Breaking plateaus or strengthening weaknesses primarily comes down to improving core strength and stabilization. The stronger your core and the more stable your body is, the better. To accomplish this, you’ll see exercises you’re very familiar with, but with modified movement patterns, grips, and stances. Expect to feel uncomfortable and a little shaky at times, but that’s a good thing: You’ll end up stronger and more efficient afterwards. 

Throughout the program, you’ll use bodyweight, bands, and kettlebells. As you progress, you’ll find that each workout reinforces and compliments the next. 

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Directions and Training Schedule

Here’s how we suggest taking on the following program:

Monday: Upper body — Deviate and Destroy 

Tuesday: Full body — Low Impact, High Burn + a Short Interval Run

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Lower body — Learn ABs/ADs 

Friday: Full body — Air Time + an Easy Short Run

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Upper body — Deviate & Destroy + a Longer Run

The Workouts

gabe snow making Faster Fitness Progress after taking on the 7-day body redesign program

Deviate and Destroy

In this 30-minute kettlebell strength and stability workout where you'll learn new ways to hold and handle a kettlebell to train the brain and body equally. 

Circuit 1 —  2 rounds (30 seconds each side, 60 seconds of rest between rounds)

  • Single-arm bells up front rack hold
  • Half-kneeling bells up overhead press 
  • Bent-over single-arm row 

Circuit 2 — 2 rounds (30 seconds each side, 60 seconds of rest between rounds)

  • Single-arm floor press 
  • Pistol-grip push-up 
  • Quadruped single-arm row 

Circuit 3 — 2 rounds (30 seconds on, 30 seconds of rest between rounds)

  • Spartan RAM burpees

Low Impact, High Burn 

In this 25-minute resistance band workout, you'll be moving slower than you may be used to, but it will burn just as much. You'll learn how to move your hips and shoulders in all planes of motion without leaving the ground. 

Circuit 1 — 3 rounds (30 seconds on, 0 seconds off, 15 seconds between rounds)

  • Banded sidestep to backstep
  • Tall kneeling to standing knee drive
  • Hip bridge 
  • Banded knees to elbows  

Circuit 2 — 3 rounds (30 seconds on, 0 seconds off, 15 seconds between rounds)

  • Banded horizontal pulls to vertical pulls
  • Plank banded rows 
  • Half-kneeling side lean
  • Supine opposite elbow-knee crunch
  • Oblique twists 

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Learn Your ABs/ADs 

In this 30-minute lower-body bodyweight workout, you'll explore new ranges of motion using rotation and hip ab/adduction to create maximal tension. 

Circuit 1 — 2 rounds (30 seconds on, 60 seconds between rounds) 

  • Rotational squat 
  • Spartan RAM reverse lunge
  • Isometric lateral squat with abduction
  • Rotational lunge 
  • Vertical jump with single-leg landing (3 per side)
  • Single-leg deadlift with adduction and rotation 

Air Time

In this 20-minute bodyweight workout, you'll learn to jump with power and land with control. You'll also be able to work on coordination skills while learning multi-planar movement paths.

Circuit 1 — 3 Rounds (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)

  • Ski erg pulls 
  • Vertical jumps
  • Lateral bound
  • Four-corner hops

Circuit 2 — 3 Rounds (30 seconds on, 0 seconds off, 15 seconds rest between rounds)

  • Two-foot jump into single-foot land
  • 8 lateral high knees to hops
  • 1 broad jump to 2 reverse lunges 
  • Kick-throughs

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