Do This Workout: Speed Killer With Lala Duncan

Do This Workout: Speed Killer With Lala Duncan
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What is most compelling about this particular workout, Speed Killer, is that it was originally designed by Lala Duncan for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Now it’s available to us Spartans, on the Spartan FIT app. That’s pretty cool. 

The workout is broken into two EMOMs that make up the bulk of the routine. As expected, there is a warm-up at the top and a cool-down stretch at the end. 

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The warm-up is absolutely perfect because it preps you for exactly what you’re going to do in the workout. Not that there’s anything wrong with a few jumping jacks and shoulder circles, but it’s clear Duncan included every move for a reason. It starts with the Russian Baby Makers. Yes, you heard that right — Russian Baby Makers. And your hips will actually appreciate these when you get to the burpees in the first EMOM.


EMOM 1 starts with a 20-second plank hold. No matter what, the start of each minute has a 20-second plank hold. Then, you’re going to do four push-ups and four burpees as quickly as possible. You’ll rest for the remainder of the minute, then go again at minute two. You’ll complete eight total rounds. 

And for your push-ups and burpees, Duncan shares two good cues: For the push-ups, don’t flare your elbows. Track them tightly along your side. And for the burpees, jump high at the top. This workout is about speed, explosiveness, and athleticism. So JUMP!

As you go and when you finish this EMOM, your heart rate will definitely be jacked up and your upper body will be feeling pretty fatigued. Duncan is great at keeping you in it. 

EMOM Workouts to Improve Speed


EMOM 2 starts with a 20-second squat hold, then you’re going into four air squats, then four jump squats. Although, Duncan likes to add a couple extra reps in throughout the workout, so you can compete with her or stick to what’s prescribed.

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Same deal, every minute on the minute for eight rounds. Your legs are going to be toast after this. Duncan even throws in a final round finisher to make sure you’ve completely emptied the tank. 

And once you wrap things up, the cool down is going to be child’s pose, hip flexor, quad, and hamstring stretches. 

Speed Killer with Lala Duncan is one you’ve GOT to get done. 

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