DEKA ZONE 9: Tank Sled Push + Pull

DEKA ZONE 9: Tank Sled Push + Pull
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“With the Tank Sled, increased energy will be met with an increase in resistance, resulting in a grueling full-body workout on both the push and the pull portion of the exercise.”

The Tank Sled Push and Pull in DEKA Zone 9 will allow athletes the opportunity to tackle two very effective movements used by elite level athletes in many different sports and all levels of fitness in gyms and boxes. One of our favorite zones in the DEKA Gym, this puts DEKA athletes through another set of functional exercises that will test multiple joint patterns, resulting in a challenging workout for several muscle groups. Athletes will start with a 10-meter Tank Sled Push. Once they have successfully reached the 10-meter zone, athletes will pull the sled back to the start line and continue repeating for a total of 5 down & back. With the Tank Sled, increased energy will be met with an increase in resistance, resulting in a great full-body workout.  

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DEKA ZONE 9: Tank Sled Push + Pull

The Breakdown:

  • 500M Run
  • 10 Meter Tank Sled Push
  • Elite & Open Men: Level 3 resistance
  • Elite & Open Women: Level 2 resistance

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The Focus:

A tremendous test of strength, balance, and conditioning, the Tank Sled will provide athletes with an epic challenge inside the DEKA Gym. One of the reasons why the Tank Sled Push/Pull is so popular throughout the fitness world is due to how effectively it merges both lower body and upper body targeting. Athletes will have to drive up and through the Tank Sled with each step in order to outwork the magnetic resistance. Then, once they make it to the return stage, athletes will have to stabilize their core while they use upper and lower body strength to pull the sled back to their starting point.

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The Preparation:

  • Rows
  • Pull-Ups
  • Rope Climb
  • Push-Ups
  • Sled Push
  • Sled Pull


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