DEKA Zone 8: Dead Ball Wall-Overs

DEKA Zone 8: Dead Ball Wall-Overs
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Pacing will be key in order for athletes to maintain a steady pace without burning out.

When it comes to daily tasks, few maneuvers are as important as the ability to lower your body into a squat, gather and secure an object, lift the object, and then carry that object from one point to another. (Think: from carrying groceries to yard work, and beyond.) In DEKA Zone 8, we take this fundamental movement and make things a little more interesting by adding the challenging weight of a Dead Ball and a 48” wall obstacle to the mix. For this exercise, DEKA athletes will start off by lowering into a squat before gathering and securing their Dead Ball, and lifting it up and over the 4-foot wall. Once they’ve completed that, they get to run around to the other side of the wall, transition back down to the ground, and do it all over again. Pacing will be key in order for athletes to maintain a steady gait without burning out.

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DEKA ZONE 8: DEAD BALL WALL OVERS Movement: - Dead Ball Wall Overs (20 reps) - Elite Men, Elite Women, Open Men, Open Women – 4’ wall - Elite & Open Men – 60lb - Elite & Open Women - 40lb Process: - Athlete enters DEKA Zone 8. - Athlete lifts ball and carries to a wall station. - Athlete lifts ball and throws over the wall. This completes 1 rep. - Athlete transitions around the side of the wall to the other side. - Athlete lifts ball and throws over wall. This completes 2nd rep. - Athlete continues repeating this process until all 20 reps are completed. - Athlete returns ball. Athlete departs DEKA Zone 8. *Athlete must enter the zone through the required entry point and exit through the required exit point. Entry and exit points will never be the same (timing mats will be located at every entry and exit point). Dead Ball Wall Overs Movement Standards: - All Athletes (Elite & Open) are allowed to use whatever manner possible to lift the ball. - Walls are designed to allow for two Athletes at the same time (one on the left side and one on the right side). #DEKAFIT #dekafitx

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DEKA Zone 8: Dead Ball Wall-Overs

The Breakdown:

  • 500M Run
  • 20 Dead Ball Wall-Overs
  • Elite & Open Men: 60lb
  • Elite & Open Women: 40lb
  • 48” Wall Obstacle

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The Focus:

The combination of squatting, lifting, and hoisting motions make the Dead Ball Wall-Overs a unique full-body workout. While the exercise itself will challenge an athlete’s lower body, upper body, and core, the athlete’s technique will play a direct role in determining how the athlete will perform.

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The Preparation:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Cleans
  • Med Ball Throws
  • Shoulder Press
  • Bicep curls


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