DEKA ZONE 3: Spartan Box Jump Overs

DEKA ZONE 3: Spartan Box Jump Overs
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DEKA is The Decathlon of Functional Fitness. It consists of indoor fitness competitions and motivational training programs designed for ALL levels. Take your OCR game to a whole new level and embrace the DEKA challenge. Sign up for our first DEKA event NOW. It’s YOU vs. YOU … What will be your DEKA score? #DEKA. More locations to follow.

“Leg strength, leg extension, hip extension, balance, coordination, and endurance will all be called upon in order for athletes to make their way through the exercise.”

When DEKA athletes enter DEKA Zone 3, they will be faced with one of the most common maneuvers in sport and life. Jumping pairs the functional motion of a squat with an explosive follow-through. We’re using 24” plyo-boxes for all athletes. While athletes in the open category are allowed to either jump, step up, or crawl up on the box, the elite athletes will need to jump off both feet at the same time in order for the rep to count. DEKA athletes will take their own approach to this exercise, but the continuous line of boxes will encourage many to put their power and endurance to the test by completing all 20 reps without rest. 

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DEKA ZONE 3: BOX JUMP OVERS Movement: Box Jump Overs (20 reps) 24” Plyo Box Process: Athlete enters DEKA Zone 3 and proceeds to 1st box. Athlete jumps up on the box and jumps down from the box on the opposite side. Athlete proceeds to the next box. Athlete continue this process until all 20 box jump overs have been completed. Athlete departs DEKA Zone 3. *Athlete must enter the zone through required entry point and exit through required exit point. Entry and exit points will never be the same (timing mats will be located at every entry and exit point). Box Jump Overs Movement Standards: *Elite Men & Women – Athlete must begin the jump with both feet on. the ground. Athlete is allowed to jump or step down from the box. *Open Men & Women – Athlete is allowed to jump, step, or climb on and off the box #DEKATFIT #DEKAFITX

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DEKA ZONE 3: Box Jump Overs

The Breakdown:

  • 500M Run
  • 20 Box Jump Overs
  • Standard 24” Plyo-Box
  • Elite Men, Elite Women
  • Must jump off of both feet
  • Open Men, Open Women
  • Allowed to jump, step up, or crawl up on and over the box

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The Focus:

When athletes take on the Box Jump Overs in DEKA Zone 3, they will be required to put both their coordination, balance, and leg strength on display as they complete a series of explosive movements that will target the entire lower body and test their endurance. Leg strength, hip extension, balance, coordination, and endurance will all be needed for athletes to make their way through the exercise. 

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The Preparation:

  • Box Jumps
  • Jump Squats
  • Front Squats
  • Back Squats
  • Lunges


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