You + Your Partner + A Killer Playlist = This Epic Yoga Recovery Workout

You + Your Partner + A Killer Playlist = This Epic Yoga Recovery Workout
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Yoga is wildly popular these days, and for good reason. Not only do the mental benefits of this embodied practice induce calm and decrease stress, but studies show yoga also increases flexibility and range of motion, reduces risk of injury, improves sleep quality, and promotes blood flow to repair and regenerate muscles. So why not incorporate yoga-like couple stretching exercises into your at-home workout routine? Just grab your partner and a good playlist, and follow the workout below.

(Trust us, working out together is a solid way to connect.) Spartans who sweat together, stay together. Oh, and they make the best lovers, too.

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Couple Stretching Exercises to Amplify Your Recovery Routine

The following workout is mostly yoga-based, with a few bodyweight movements thrown in. You’ll just need a pair of yoga mats, a solid playlist, and a desire to stretch out together. Enjoy. 

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Warm Up: Pre-Workout Stretches

LEGS: Warm up your hamstrings, calves, and thighs (and all the small muscles in between) as shown in these videos.  Hold each stretch for 30 seconds and breathe into the muscle. 


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Let’s get back to the basics. Tag your stretchy buddy!! . Remember, your body is only as good as you treat it. So before hopping on that treadmill, or lifting heavy, give yourself just a few minutes to take care of your body instead of just focusing on the #gains. . Think about it... . You’re going from sitting in your car, to sitting at your desk, and then you expect your body to just move fast, and possibly hold a lot of weight! . Not so fast there tiger 🐅... . Use these effective exercises to get out of your head and into your body, prevent injuries, and correct muscular imbalances. . Leg Stretches (Pre-Workout): do each move for about 1 minute, 2 rounds 1. Toe Touch Leg Stretch - only straighten legs as far as YOU can. 2. Arms Overhead Squat - get butt LOW 3. 90/90: rotate slowly through the hips, add the spinal twist if you’d like 4. Pigeon - wiggle it out, feel around, don’t just keep it static 5. Walking lunges - I could’ve done better with keeping my knee over my ankle, so let’s see you do it better 😉. . PS - I love hearing from you. Is this helpful?! If it is, comment and let me know!!! . Get 7 Days of FREE Workouts 💥 Sculpt, Strengthen & Stretch Long, Lean Muscles. 💪 Get started in my STRETCHY FIT App -

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UPPER BODY: Stretch your shoulders, arms and torso with the Cross-body Arm Stretch. Standing straight and looking forward, take either arm and cross it in front of your body horizontally. Taking your other arm and cross it upward, trapping the horizontal arm, and then press the crossed arm against your body until you feel the stretch in your shoulder. Hold for 15–30 seconds and release. Do this once or twice and make sure you do both shoulders.

10-Minute Core Routine

Follow this core-stabilization workout video. You don't need a gym to get your core burning. No excuses.

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Posture-Enhancing Yoga Exercises

Have a strong posture is key to all of your daily tasks and training. Consider it the foundation of fitness. So by working your core and back muscles, you can learn to support yourself (from a desk to the barbell) and improve your form to stay injury free. Plus, doing these with your partner can help you track your gains over time. Record them in a way that works for you and watch your progress unfold. 

1. Posture-Building Backbends 

Practice these four posture-building exercises, in order of easiest to hardest, until you find the most advanced variation you can hold for at least five seconds. Repeat the lift five more times, holding it as long as you can and resting fifteen seconds between repetitions.    


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Did ya know 🤔 Your POSTURE is Affecting your EMOTIONS, your BRAIN, your SELF-ESTEEM, and your HEALTH! . When your posture suffers - YOU suffer!! 🚫Your productivity lessens, your self-esteem declines, and your health is compromised. . Good posture, on the other hand, improves your productivity, makes you feel and act confident, and elevated your health!! . So how do you get better posture?! . You have to MOVE MORE throughout your day! You can’t just go to the gym 1 hour a few times a week and expect your body to be healthy, strong and vibrant. . Take frequent breaks and opportunities to move your body, like stand up and do a simple stretch at your desk, take the stairs, do a few squats when you’re waiting for the elevator - yes, be THAT weirdo, but guess what - no one’s gonna FEEL as freakin’ amazing as YOU!! . TAKE ACTION: * Use these 4 poses to drastically improve the health of your back, strengthen your body, and elevate your confidence! * Draw the shoulders down the back, pull belly to spine, and hold for 5 breathes. * Pick one move and do it 3x, with a 10 sec break in between. . To support you in moving THROUGHOUT your day I created my Stretchy Fit App, that guides you through balanced targeted 10-40 minute yoga and workout classes, planned for your body each week. Current members have never felt so motivated to stay consistent with their fitness before, because they’re supported every step of the way. . Try it out FREE for 7 Days! Search “Action Jacquelyn” in App Store (google and Apple). . #flexibilitychallenge #getstretchy #getstretchychallenge

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2. Upward Plank Pose

Hold to fatigue three times, resting fifteen seconds between repetitions. 


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Today is Day 1️⃣ of the #StrongForFall challenge!!!! 💪🏽💥 CLICK LINK IN BIO to join us! You’ll get immediate access to our Private Support Group and PRIZES! Don’t miss out! . As we focus on BUILDING STRENGTH within your body this week, I want you to remember that it doesn’t happen overnight, and HOW you approach strength building deeply affects your results. . ❌ If STRENGTH is forced, pushed, ego-driven - then your results are INJURY. . ✅ If STRENGTH is gradual, respected, and humble, then your results are PROGRESS. . 🤔 Which are YOU? Let me know in the comments below. . ✨ HOW we approach our MOVEMENT is how we approach LIFE. . Sign Up for #StrongForFall: 💥 7 Days, 10 Min/Day 💥 7 Follow-Along Videos 💥 Daily Email Reminders 💥 Private Support Group 👉🏼 LINK IN BIO .

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Cool-Down Routine

Cycle through these eleven poses three times, holding each pose for 10-20 seconds. Don’t stretch beyond the point of discomfort or hold poses past the point of fatigue or where you feel “the burn.” Let this be easy and relaxing.  


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Do you have trouble relaxing, going to sleep, or reducing your anxiety/stress? Read below for full details and for more flows, modifications and progressions to all the foundational poses of yoga, check out the e-books (link in bio)! Make sure you share this with someone that could benefit and save it for your personal practice! #Yogateacher @yoganama ・・・ Another snippet from my practice the other day. Nothing beats foundational postures when it comes to truly relaxing and unwinding. We do really underestimate their power. . They’re a great way to counter and settle back after an intense session or are good to do on their own as well. . Depending on the time I have and the mood I’m in, I like to hold them anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. . 1: is great to find length and space in the spine 🌴 . 2: is the safest way to work towards forward bends. Keep the spine long and hips above the ankles. 🦘 . 3: We move into the hip flexors- I love stretching them! Keep the back knee bent slightly (it’s ok, do it!) and point the tailbone down 🌙 . 4: Opposing movement to the above posture. We are going deeper into the hamstrings. 🦵🏽 . 5: Inversion! Yes downward dog is an inversion. This is where headstand and stuff begins. 😎 . 6: Now we add in a mini Backbend while continuing to stretch our hip flexors. It is actually a very useful pose to start deepening your backbends 🧜🏼‍♀️ . 7: Surprise the spine with a different orientation 🐉 . 8: If you didn’t feel them yet, you WILL feel them now. This is your PSOAS. If you don’t feel any stretch push yourself away from the bent leg. 💫 . 9: Thoracic spine will be grateful. Definitely do this if you work on the computer a lot. Emailing less and talking more also helps 😉 . 10: Let’s reverse it. This and the previous pose is just a fancier cat-cow variation. I didn’t mean to trick you 😼 . 11: You don’t have to tell me. I know it’s a good stretch 😀❤️

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Or, try these essential recovery poses from internationally-renowned yoga teacher Benjamin Sears that are particularly beneficial after an intense race or workout.

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