The Spartan Fit App Workout of the Week: 3-Peat Pulse

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This workout, along with dozens just like it, falls under the Spartan Fit app Conditioning series. As implied, it will really test your conditioning. Let's get after it!

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The Workout

The 3-Peat Pulse incorporates a warm-up, followed by two conditioning circuits. Each conditioning circuit will take you through three exercises back to back for one minute, with the majority of rest being between rounds. This is a full-body workout that will improve not only your conditioning, but also your strength and core.

In this preview, we’re going to cover Circuit 1, which is made up of squats, bear crawls, and jumping jacks. We’re taking each exercise on for a full 60 seconds, with only 10 seconds of transition rest between each exercise. At the end of each round, we're rewarded with a full 60 seconds of rest, so we can attack each round at max velocity. Remember, this is a conditioning-centric workout, so your objective is to get your heart rate through the roof!

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The Set-Up

This is entirely bodyweight, so there is no need to hunt down training equipment. All you need is a small patch of space. At most, you’ll need five meters for the bear crawling and shuffling.

The Strength Circuit

Perform three rounds of 60 seconds on and 10 seconds off, with 60 seconds between rounds.

Bodyweight Squat

You must keep your form in check when performing bodyweight squats. This means your knees should track over your toes — avoid your knees caving in — as you sink your hips down, and your hips should meet, or break at knee height, at the bottom of the movement. As you come back to the top of the movement, activate your glutes by squeezing them tightly for at least 1 second before continuing onto the next rep. Avoid aimlessly cranking out the reps.

Pro Tip: When you reach the top and activate your glutes, avoid going into hyperextension of the lower lumbar. This happens when you push your hips too far forward rather than squeezing your glutes and tucking your hips. This is a common fault, and a good way to correct it is through external feedback such as self-recording, watching yourself in a mirror, or having somebody else watch you and provide feedback.

Bear Crawl

This is the undisputed king of all crawling exercises. Even though this is a conditioning-centric workout, you do not have permission to rip through this exercise. Regardless of its application, the bear crawl should be done slowly and with ultimate control.

Begin on all sixes (toes, knees, and hands). Your toes should be directly under your heels, your knees should be directly under your hips, and your hands should be directly under your shoulders. To move, you will lift the opposite hand and knee at the same time and place it about 3 inches forward. You will continue alternating as you move, either in a forward or backward motion. For this circuit, the intended motion is both forward and backward. Pick a marker, forward crawl to it, and then backward crawl back to the starting point. Repeat until the clock runs out.

Pro Tip: If you are just learning this exercise, perform it with your knees starting on the ground. If that’s too easy, lift and hover your knees about 2 inches from the ground. This will put extra strain on the core and make the exercise all the more worthwhile.

Jumping Jacks

This is an old, yet masterful exercise. Begin with your feet together and your hands at your side, touching your hips. Jump so that your feet land shoulder-width — or wider — apart while you raise your hands overhead into a clap position. Finish by returning your feet and hands back to the starting position.

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