7-Day Up-Level: Add These 4 Bucket Kit Moves to Push Your Limits

7-Day Up-Level: Add These 4 Bucket Kit Moves to Push Your Limits
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When it comes to building strength, power, and athleticism, consistency is key. But that doesn’t mean you have to do the same workouts for months on end.

Stepping things up about every four weeks is a good general guideline, says Sam Stauffer, Spartan’s head of training. And after you’ve spent some time with Monday’s 7-day workout streak—or if it’s just too easy for you—this workout will definitely take your fitness to the next level by introducing Spartan-style obstacles and skills. “While the training and exercise portion is crucial, the sports specificity is the icing on the cake,” he says. “At the end of the day, practicing obstacles will give you more skill and confidence on race day.”

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Get ready to build total-body strength and power while prepping for some of Spartan’s toughest obstacles, including the bucket carry and rope climb. Each day for seven days, you’ll knock out the below circuit. On day 1, perform just one round, adding an extra round each day until, on day 7, you’re powering through 7 rounds. Make sure to give yourself at least a minute between exercises and two minutes between rounds. And, trust us, you’ll also want to make days 8 and 9 rest days.

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Featured Gear: Spartan In a Bucket Training Kit

This workout features the SPARTAN In a Bucket Training Kit, complete with a 5-gallon bucket (duh), 50-pound pancake, six-pack of training goals, climbing rope, and more.

4 Bucket Training Kit Exercises to Challenge Your Limits

400-Meter Bucket Carry

Set up a course or set your watch to run 400 meters (aka 0.25 miles), grab the weighted bucket, and deadlift it off of the ground until you’re in a strong, tall position with your core braced. Keep it in front of you at all times; no resting it on your shoulder! At the end of 400 meters, reverse the deadlift to return the bucket to the ground. 

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10 Rope Pull-Ups 

Standing next to a hanging rope, reach up as high as possible and grab the rope with both hands. Brace your core and raise your feet from the ground. From here, pull through your back and biceps to draw your elbows down to your sides and raise your chest to your hands. Pause, then slowly lower back down. (If your arms aren’t up to the challenge, go ahead and do a regular rope climb. With proper form, your legs will take a lot of the onus off of your upper body.)

10 20-Meter Bear Crawls

Place two cones 10 meters apart, and get on all fours. Brace your core and raise your knees just a few inches from the floor. Maintaining this position, walk from one cone to the other, moving one hand and the opposite foot forward with each step. Then, throw things into reverse and bear walk backward until you reach the first cone.

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10 Alternating Lunge Jumps with Pancake

Get into a tall lunge position with a pancake in front of your chest in a goblet position, upper arms perpendicular to the floor. Brace your core. Drive through both legs to spring up as high as possible, switching your legs in the air. Use your landing to help you bounce back up to again switch your legs and return to your starting position. 

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