Bodyweight Training Plan: Day 7 - Mind

Bodyweight Training Plan: Day 7 - Mind
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Our first week of bodyweight training is coming to a close, Spartan. You’ve had a tough week of learning new ways to use your body weight and gravity as resistance. You’ve earned this week’s recovery.

Today, we are focusing on our mind. We will perform a simple meditation technique to help mentally train our new bodyweight exercises. For today, think back to one of your exercises from this week’s training; was there an exercise that was challenging for you? Did you find you weren’t able to perform an exercise to your ideal standards? Let’s focus on that lift today and visualize our perfect execution.

The Practice

  • To begin, find a quiet location where you can sit or lay in stillness.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Just breathe. You do not need to control your breathing. Allow your body to fall into each breath naturally.
  • Stay mindful to how your body is moving with each breath. As you inhale, what is happening through your chest? Your shoulders? Your belly? What about with your exhale? Keep your mind on your breath for a minute or two.
  • Now that you’ve observed your breathing, scan from head to toe and notice any areas which may be experiencing any unusual sensations. Starting at your head, moving down the body, do you have a discomfort?
  • Stop at each area experiencing abnormal feeling. Spend a minute and focus your breathing deep into that region. Take multiple deep breaths, filling the entire space with your breath, before moving on to the next area.
  • Finish off your practice today with a few more rounds of mindful breathing. Has your body movement or your breath changed from the beginning? Notice the relaxed state of your body. Is there any particular area that is feeling more at ease or more comfortable now at rest?

If you are new to meditation, you only need to spend between 3-5 minutes in stillness today to see the benefits. Finish out your day and take note of your body’s awareness. Continuing the practice of meditation will help to relieve stress and to improve your body’s overall performance. Start with practicing one time a week. As you become more comfortable at ease, you may find yourself wanting to meditate multiple times a week, for longer sessions.

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