Bodyweight Training Plan: Day 3 - Pulling

Bodyweight Training Plan: Day 3 - Pulling
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Your pulling muscles are twice as necessary as your pushing muscles in the body. These muscles are responsible for basics such as posture, gripping, and climbing. Today, we are working these muscles using just your body against gravity.


Perform each circuit as 3 super-sets.

Dynamic Warm Up

Circuit 1

Crab Walks - 3x10 (7-8 RPE) Dead Hangs - 3x:15 (7-8 RPE) Box Jumps - 3x10 (7-8 RPE)

Circuit 2

Side Step Ups - 3x10 (7-8 RPE) Inverted Row - 3x10 (7-8 RPE) Toe Taps - 3x50 (7-8 RPE)

  • In a seated position, keeping your heels firmly places on the ground, pick your toes up and tap them back to the floor as quickly as possible. This is great to prevent shin splints.

Circuit 3

Bird Dog - 3x10 (each side) (7-8 RPE) Pull Ups 3x5 (7-8 RPE) Leg Lowering - 3x10 (7-8 RPE)

Cool Down

Foam roll any muscles you feel excessive soreness or tightness

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