Bodyweight Training Plan: Day 23 - HIIT

Bodyweight Training Plan: Day 23 - HIIT
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During the past 3 weeks, you have become comfortable in pushing yourself at your local track. Today, you will return to short, consistent work and rest lengths. Challenge yourself today. Try timing each 400-meter lap. Can you maintain the same pace throughout the 12 rounds? If you begin struggling with the laps, notice what rounds become more challenging. The key to perfecting your cardio is to be able to hold back early on and to finish with your fastest pace. This will make the difference when aiming for that strong race finish.


For this workout, find your nearest track, measure in terms or street lights or city blocks, or head out to your favorite park.

Dynamic Warm Up 800 m Jog Warm Up (6-7 RPE)


100 m Sprint (8-9 RPE) 100 m Skips (7-8 RPE) 100 m Jog (7-8 RPE) 100 m Walk (6-7 RPE) X12 800 m Jog Cool Down (7-8 RPE)

Cool Down

Foam roll any muscles you feel excessive soreness or tightness

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