Bodyweight Training Plan: Day 12 - Power

Bodyweight Training Plan: Day 12 - Power
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You’ve focused on strength endurance all week, Spartan. Today, we are working your power endurance. In order to be able to jump for longer and higher, you need to push yourself to go for longer and higher.

With today’s power workout, set new goals for your heights or distances. Make your box jump a couple inches taller, add yoga blocks or a clap into your power push-ups, and find a pull-up bar just a bit higher. Dig deep and find a new level of self-confidence. Commit to new power goals.


Perform this workout as 1 large super-set done 3 times.

Dynamic Warm Up


Jump Rope/ Jumping Jacks – 4×1 min (7-8 RPE)

Squat Jumps – 4×12 (7-8 RPE)

Power Push Ups – 4×12 (7-8 RPE)

Alternating Lunge Jumps – 4×12 (7-8 RPE)

Broad Jumps – 4×12 (7-8 RPE)

Lateral Ape Walks – 4×12 (7-8 RPE)

Kneeling Jumps – 4×12 (7-8 RPE)

  • Starting in a double kneeling position, forcefully swing your arms and pull your knees in to your chest. Your goal is to land on your feet. Not quite there yet? Try a tuck jump.

Knee Drives on Bench – 4×12 (7-8 RPE)

Jumping Pull Ups – 4×12 (7-8 RPE)

Burpees – 4×12 (7-8 RPE)

Cool Down

Foam Roll any muscles you feel excessive soreness or tightness